• Purpose-built storage solutions for automotive workflows

      In the highly competitive automotive industry, speed and differentiation is key. Dell EMC automotive data storage solutions can help you achieve both with simplified data management and predictable performance all at the massive scale required for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) development and testing. 

    • Accelerate ADAS development with Dell EMC automotive data solutions

      • Drive innovation with data
      • Stay in control as you grow
      • Accelerate time to market
      • Transform with confidence
    • Automotive Data Solution Offerings

      Dell EMC storage solutions support the demands of data-intensive ADAS workloads across simulations, validations, and AI training.

    • Automotive data storage – Automotive Edge Computing solutions by Dell Technologies

      ADAS Development with Dell EMC PowerScale

      Dell EMC automotive data solutions form the backbone of ADAS development workflows, offering the scalability, performance, and simplified management required to support continuous ADAS data ingest, high bandwidth parallel simulation, and in-place sensor data fusion for AI training sets.

    • Autonomous vehicle data storage, Automotive edge computing by Dell Technologies

      Dell EMC Storage Solutions for AI in ADAS/AD

      Dell EMC autonomous vehicle data storage offers the analytics performance and extreme concurrency at scale needed to feed the data hungry AI/ML/DL algorithms required for autonomous driving development. Quickly adopt end-to-end infrastructure to support AI projects and Leverage ADAS data for AI training sets.

    • ADAS Development on Cloud

      ADAS Development on Cloud

      Dell Technologies Cloud Storage for PowerScale is a multi-cloud managed service that eliminates vendor lock-in with direct connect links to multiple cloud providers simultaneously. Leverage your cloud of choice, centralize management, reduce risk, and decouple long term storage from compute costs. Our joint offering with Microsoft Azure even eliminates egress fees between Azure and the managed service. We also offer a hybrid cloud HiL testing solution in partnership with AWS and native cloud solutions with Dell Technologies Cloud PowerScale for Google Cloud.

    • Storage solutions trusted by Tier-1 automotive suppliers and OEMs worldwide

      We help automotive industry leaders around the world accelerate current workflows and lay the foundation to pursue new data-driven business opportunities with powerful storage solutions.

      • Automotive Data Storage & Edge Computing Solutions by Dell Technologies


        ADAS/AD Development & Data Management: Are You Ready to Leverage the Cloud?

        An approach that offers access to multiple public cloud services at the lowest cost but with the greatest agility is essential to take a leading position in this highly competitive market. This webinar will discuss trade-offs and technical roadblocks that cloud introduces for ADAS development, and the best-in-class methodologies to overcome them.

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