• Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVME)

    • NVM Express, or NVMe, is a standardized high performance software interface for PCI Express solid state drives (SSDs) that use non-volatile memory (NVM). Providing an efficient and scalable streamlined protocol and command set, NVMe offers greater storage throughput and lower latency.

      NVMe represents the next evolutionary step in speed and latency reduction for flash media and next generation storage class memory (SCM) media. Designed specifically to take advantage of the internal parallelism and low latency inherent to flash-based storage devices, NVMe has garnered much industry attention as the next step in providing faster access to and from storage devices.

    • Who uses NVMe and why?

      As an early stage emerging technology, few customers today are using NVM Express. However, this is likely to change as more NVMe-based products enter the marketplace. The biggest benefits will be seen when combining NVMe with storage class memory (SCM) media. In addition, customers will need to ensure that the entire stack is engineered for lower latency, including the applications, host, network and the storage array.

      Why should I consider NVMe?

      Customers seeking to further decrease their flash storage latency and increase their flash storage throughput and reliability will likely remain attuned to the progress and evolution of NVMe.

      Benefits of NVMe

      Although the level of performance improvement will always vary, it is widely accepted that an NVMe stack improves storage performance vs. other technologies currently in use. Moving to NVM Express will allow applications to take advantage of the coming changes in non-volatile storage like storage-class memory (SCM).

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