• How technology and data transform the sportswear industry.

    As data grows exponentially, companies must work harder to draw out the right customer, product and market insights. Integrating cutting-edge analytics technology with existing IT can unlo​ck new opportunities to meet customer needs.

    It's Columbia Sportswear's passion for the outdoors that drives its famously rigorous product testing, development and design. Staying competitive requires the intelligence to do it well and the agility to do it fast. That’s why they rely on the speed and smarts of Dell EMC storage to compress time-to-market and time-to-delivery.

    • Company:

      Columbia Sportswear
    • Industry:

      Apparel and Footwear
    • Headquarters:

      Portland, Oregon

    Leveraging the long-term relationship we've had with Dell EMC and the suite of the products that they provide, we have been able to take our infrastructure, modernize it, make it more efficient, make it more flexible, robust and reliable.”

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