It’s a multi-cloud world. Start architecting across all environments.





    It’s a multi-cloud world. Start architecting across all environments.




    • 93% of companies will use more than one cloud. Give yourself flexibility, resiliency and consistency.

      In two years, the majority of enterprises will use over five cloud platforms to run businesses operations.

      Managing a multi-cloud world will be the number 1 companywide issues by 2021. Take risk reduction, compliance or SLAs. These often require swapping workloads from public cloud to private cloud. While some developers want to code directly to public clouds. Dell Technologies makes managing workloads across environments easier.


      Dell Technologies Cloud

      Ensure consistent operations with consistent infrastructure across private, public, and the edge – for a true hybrid cloud experience from Dell Technologies.

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    • Three ways to unlock innovation with an efficient multi-cloud strategy.


      Unify through consistency in your multi-cloud world.

      Consistency is critical. It enables you to connect your teams and processes across all platforms and ensures maximum performance-levels everywhere. At Dell Technologies we have services, solutions and infrastructure to achieve consistency in a multi-cloud world and eliminate obstacles.


      Rethink risk and create new opportunities with multi-cloud.

      Security constraints, regulatory compliance, service-level-obligations and more, can be handled easily, transforming challenges and risks into opportunities. The key is creating a consistent operational environment that unleashes collaboration across cloud platforms.

      • Rethink SLAs and SLOs
      • Rethink regulation
      • Rethink data lifecycle management
      • Rethink security

      Architect for Flexibility in your multi-cloud world.

      One of the keys to success in a multi-cloud world is to architect for integration and flexibility across private, public and edge cloud environments. This improves operational efficiencies, from data management to team collaboration.

    • Get a holistic partner for your multi-cloud journey.

      The fact is, it requires broad expertise and the best technologies, all working together as a family to succeed in a multi-cloud world. Dell Technologies can help you with everything from hardware, software and education, to end-to-end services.


      Unify through consistency in your Multi-Cloud world