• From factory to site, ready for work

      Save time and ensure consistency by having your systems configured in the factory. We can pre-configure RAID, BIOS and iDRAC settings, install system images, and even install 3rd party hardware and software. You benefit by receiving your systems configured, tested, and ready to integrate into your data center.

    • Server Configuration Services Key Benefits
      • 30 plus years of experience in infrastructure services and IT Transformation
      • Experts in preparing your new technology for day one
      • Lower risk and increase productivity by shifting resources to transforming the business

    • Server Configuration Services Details

    • What We Offer Purpose Benefits What You Get

      Rack Integration Services


      Rack Integration Services Data Sheet

      Leading edge technologies brings implementation challenges that can be reduced or eliminated with our Rack Integration Services. We have the experience and expertise to engineer, integrate, configure, deploy and install custom rack technology into any data center environment.
      • Save time by receiving your systems racked, cabled, tested and ready to integrate into your data center
      • End-to-end project management
      • Solution and rack layout engineering
      • Physical integration and validation
      • Logistics, deployment, and installation
      Asset Tagging and Reporting Services Dell EMC Asset Tagging and Reporting Services makes identifying, tracking, and managing your systems easier and more affordable.
      • Keep an accurate record of technology from factory to retirement
      • Service Tag, MAC Address, Manufacture date
      • Barcode included
      • Custom options available
      Hardware, BIOS and RAID Settings Services Hardware, BIOS and RAID Settings can be pre-configured at our factory.
      • Save time and lower risk
      • Receive new technology pre-configured to your specifications and ready to be deployed
      • BIOS and iDRAC settings
      • Custom RAID configuration
      • System imaging

      3rd Party Hardware Installation 3rd Party Hardware Installation saves you time by letting Dell integrate non-standard components into your systems.
      • Save time and lower risk
      • Receive new technology ready to be deployed
      • NICs and HBAs
      • GPUs
      • Drives
      • Storage Controllers

      Valuable resources, insights and server configuration information


      ProDeploy Enterprise Suite

      Accelerate technology adoption with expert deployment designed for you. Shift resources to innovation & drive better business outcomes.


      ProDeploy Enterprise Suite

      Services designed to complement your business model whether you have an experienced IT staff or no staff at all. The right assistance to fit your evolving needs.


      A Principled Technologies report: Hands-on testing. Real-world results

      Principled Technologies worked with Dell EMC comparing deployment times. Their in-house admin vs. Dell EMC-certified engineer separately set up the same deployment solution. See the details and compare the times of each team.


      IDC Whitepaper: The Business Value of Optimizing Datacenter Deployments

      IDC's research demonstrates that by taking steps and adopting approaches to become more modern and effective in deploying systems, organizations are achieving substantial gains.