• Experience PowerMax in our virtual lab setting

      Four hands-on labs allow you to explore key features such as: 1) Storage Provisioning, and Data Reduction technologies; 2)Local and Remote replication and Non-Disruptive Migration; 3) Monitoring and troubleshooting performance issues on the PowerMax Array; and 4) Managing your PowerMax & VMAX arrays using REST API’.

  • Specifications


    Maximum IOPS
    Response Times (Reads)
    Typical Effective Max Capacity with Data Reduction
    Bricks (for Scale Out)
    Base TB per brick
    Maximum Front-End Host Ports
    Use Case
    Storage Type
    Dell EMC PowerMax 8000
    15 Million
    Under 100 microseconds
    4.5 PBe
    54 TB (open systems), 13 TB (mainframe)
    Enterprise storage, consolidation at scale, mixed open and mainframe workloads
    Block, file, open systems, IBM i, and mainframe
    Dell EMC PowerMax 2000
    2.7 Million
    Under 100 microseconds
    1.2 PBe
    13 TB
    Midmarket and enterprise storage, consolidation, transactional workloads
    Block, file, open systems, IBM i