Arising challenges of the Digital Transformation must be turned into opportunities. Dell EMC explores the key concepts of a business prepared for 2020.

Dell EMC Digital Transformation Cloud Technology

In the age of Digital Transformation companies run the risk of falling behind their more adaptable competitors. Dell EMC interviewed over 4,000 business leaders in order to analyse concepts of technologically agile businesses. Results show that without a powerful, new and intelligent analytics tool two thirds of companies may risk losing significant market shares and value over the next few years. Examples like Nokia, Blackberry, Eastman Kodak or the decline of traditional TV networks demonstrate that the key to Digital Transformation is not solely to invest in new technologies and business models but the ability to adapt fast enough.

The Dell Technologies’ Digital Transformation Index portrays insight into the qualities of a pioneering and trendsetting company. These lead to formulating five specific parameters about how fit a company is for the upcoming challenges of the market:

  • Agility
  • Adaptability
  • Velocity (speed of execution)
  • Creativity (innovation)
  • Market leadership

Act now instead of reacting later

Leading companies don’t just wait and see but turn challenges into opportunities by reorganizing and investing in the markets of the future. Research shows that only about a quarter of businesses do not struggle to evolve into digital innovators. In order to reinvent your company successfully for the digital age it is crucial to

  • use digital technologies to accelerate new product and service development
  • measure speed to market as the most critical success factor of innovation
  • develop basic automated decision-making technologies.

Lead the field with cloud-native apps

Dell EMC, market leader in Transformative Technology, offers services including the industry’s broadest, most innovative portfolio, from cloud-native Apps to infrastructure for the Internet of Things, to reach the goals for its partners.

With the cloud-native apps Dell EMC is providing solutions to reduce costs, improve the way of deploying applications and focus on generating value for their customers. We offer your company the transformation into an even more modern, innovative and agile global player fit for 2020 and beyond.

Cloud Native Transformation
Dell EMC provides a next generation application architecture.

The Dell EMC Forum provides more information about the chances of Digital Transformation. This one-day event takes place at locations around the world.

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