Transformation Series: 4th Industrial Revolution

During the last years many technological innovations drove the world into a new age. Big Data, Data Lakes, the Internet of Things, Hybrid Clouds, Hyper-converged Infrastructure, & Smart Cities. That we call the 4th Industrial Revolution.

History tells that each story has two sides: Everywhere the 4th Industrial Revolution hit people and business units hard it was not always pure enthusiasm but sometimes fear & doubt. All those changes concerning technology always implicate transformation within the own enterprise for remaining competitive.

That sort of process is very challenging – also if you want to stay at the top of your branch. Dell EMC aims for being an enabler and driver of innovation and a reliable partner for transformation. However, first of all we must understand the fear and insecurities other companies experience. Therefore we asked 4,000 Business Leaders from 16 different countries about where they find themselves on their journey through the Digital Transformation.


  • 45 % of business leaders fear that their enterprise gets oboslete within the next 3-5 years.
  • 48 % do not have any idea how their own industry will look like in 3 years. 
  • only 5 % would call themselves “Digital Leaders”

More information on our info chart:

How about you? Where do you think you are on the way to Digital Transformation? Find out and


Please remind the last sentence of our chart: “Change brings opportunity!” We at Dell EMC would love to help you use those opportunities for your business. Therefore we are starting a series of articles concerning the Digital Transformation and explain the most important buzzwords, show case studies and provide fascinating insights of IT-Leaders.

We will inform you about

  • Digital Transformation – what is Big Data and how can you use the Internet of Things?
  • IT Transformation – how to use IT as a Service and Cloud efficiently?
  • Workforce Transformation – which advantages bring modern advices and virtualization?
  • Security Transformation – how to react on the latest cyber threats?

Stay tuned – it’s gonna be worth it! 

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