The right tool for the job

No matter if “on-the-go”, “in-the-field” or “at-the-desk”: new working habits have given rise to a completely different type of workforce, and with it unique needs for every single one of them. We let them take centre stage, analyse their needs and offer the best tool for the job.

Let’s start with the traditional worker: Mr&Ms Desk-Centric. These people prefer a stationary, well equipped work station where everything is within easy reach. We recommend one of our powerful desktops such as the Dell OptiPlex. It uses Microsoft Windows 10 Pro with a choice of setup options to personalise the workspace. Alternatively, Dell Wyse terminals offer a thin client solution and Dell VDI Complete brings the front- and back-end infrastructure together so organisations can deploy desktop virtualisation quicker than ever.

Then we have the Corridor Warriors. These workers thrive in a more flexible working environment where they can move around, from a regular desk to a stand-up table to the sofa in the corner – the more options, the better. Here, the Dell Latitude 7000 Series 2-in-1 is ideal: it’s a Windows 10 Pro notebook that doubles as a tablet. In addition, ProDeploy Plus enables fast deployment with preconfigured collaboration software – such as Microsoft SharePoint and cloud-based Office 365.

Remote Workers. The name says it all, really. They prefer to work just about anywhere but in the office. For them, the Dell Latitude range is perfect. These are a series of powerful notebooks: the 5000 Series offers high performance, and the aforementioned 7000 Series is particularly cherished for its long battery life. They are all designed to run Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. For those setting up their office at home: Dell Wyse thin clients or Dell OptiPlex desktops offer a comprehensive solution via the Dell VDI Complete service.

The On-The-Go Pro. These are indeed the professionals whose work keeps them away from regular desk work. Key concerns for these employees is security. The Latitude 2-in-1 range offers Windows 10 with built-in security. VMware Workspace ONE can be layered on top of an on-premises server provision – as well as via the public cloud – and RSA’s NetWitness Suite provides immediate detection and response to any threat, anywhere.

Field Workers – that throws up images of remote mountains and valleys as well as building sites and oil rigs. Regardless of where these workers are, they need equipment that can take a pounding. The Dell Rugged and Rugged Extreme ranges have independently been through the MIL-STD-810G testing, a US military test standard, and come through with flying colours. The Latitude Rugged can survive drops of up to 90 cm. It can deal with dust, shocks, humidity, high altitudes and even extreme temperatures (between -25°C and 60°C). As the name suggests, the Rugged Extreme range: add salt fog, freeze/thaw cycles and explosive atmospheres to that list.

About the Author: Dell Technologies