The difference between a technology provider and a real business partner

  • Technology is only the means, not the goal
  • Solutions that scale according to the organization size and scope
  • High-value tailor made services
  • End-to-end streamlined and robust solutions

Building a technology solution – either in the form of extending/modernizing/updating an older one or deploying a project from scratch – require surpassing challenges and various obstacles in order to deliver as planned, on time and within budget. Obviously human resources and proper tools are important. However, the technology excellence is only a facet of a partner’s identity in 2020.

It is on a different domain where a truly innovative partner shines as both technology and business partner. It is within his ability to understand business demands and offer truly tailored and quite flexible solutions that align with the business environment of the organization. The benefits of the different solutions and services that Dell Technologies can provide, especially through our partners, increase along with the size of the organization and scale up to support large numbers of employees, multiple branches and complex workflows across geographies.

Scaling is such an important aspect. A lot of small businesses take an almost consumer approach to fulfilling their IT needs. On larger businesses, more robust and comprehensive services are required, and the truly innovative solutions require a different approach. This always starts with analyzing the business objectives and the workflows a company is intending to use. The level of intelligence provided by technology is a critical step before sourcing anything. A number of important new technologies can be evaluated after the initial conceptual stage such as PC as a Service (PCaaS), deployment of management systems such as VMware Workspace ONE, customized deployment and support services, simplified asset recovery and secure data scrubbing from end of life systems, ensuring a long-term, uniform, cost effective and predictable solution.

Larger organizations with a higher level of exposure to financial and security risks, handling sensitive data across multiple clouds and distributed data centers, are already aware that they need more than the modernization of their existing systems. They need a different mix of computational, storage and networking resources that correspond to their business environments. A business provider of technology solutions provides the customer with proposals driven by the business needs and not by the new technologies that can be incorporated.

What’s the final picture going to look like? Well, it’s a win-win situation on both ends: for the provider, it’s well architected solutions that can meet current and future demands. For the customer it is a validated plan that supports the operational excellence of the organization and enables innovation. And that’s exactly where Dell Technologies can make a huge difference!

About the Author: Valentin Stanescu