Supporting Small Businesses – The Unsung Heroes that drive Growth and Innovation

Innovation is a word that is being often thrown around as a buzzword bereft of real meaning. In times when hyperbole and regurgitated platitudes make it hard to discern the ephemeral novelty from the genuine and game-changing innovation, there are always the stories of true heroes who made a huge difference in their field by revolutionizing them.

I am fortunate to work for Dell Technologies, a global family of companies that started with one of those incredible stories of visionary entrepreneurship and the uncanny genius of a single persevering individual. Michael Dell helped launch the personal computer revolution in the 1980s with the creation of Dell Computer.

Like the beginnings of Dell Technologies, small businesses are still in many countries the backbone of an energetic and highly motivated segment of the economy. Their people are working hard for their growth, and this creates new opportunities for their local communities and sustains the flow of cash and development at the local level.

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#Smallbusinesses can be found nearly on every industry and all over the world. In 2020 the most ambitious of the small enterprises have to go through their digital transformation. A robust technology foundation is not an optional component within an SMB but a necessary element of growth. You can imagine both a small company that relies on web services to promote and sell its products or a knowledge-based technology startup working to solve one of the world’s greatest challenges.

Dell Technologies is probably the best ally for a small business today, offering the necessary tools that spans three categories of critical business foundation: IT infrastructure, workforce productivity tools, and data protection & security. Missing any of these components, a small business (and any business in general) is vulnerable and not competitive at all.

Dell Technologies has a deep understanding of the DNA of a small business and offer them affordable and easy to use solutions. These offerings are infused with enterprise-grade features that once belonged to high-end systems, aimed for use at large corporations. We are designing our offerings to be highly adaptable to cater to many different use cases, since small businesses span multiple industries, from construction, real estate, consulting, to trade and creative professions.

Aiming to be their technology vendor of choice, we are trying our best to serve their needs within their budgets and offering them long term value. Our partner network is fully aligned with this vision and adding the knowledge in local markets can propose the best in class products and services. We are ready to offer SMBs the best technology solutions to meet current and future needs.

Above all, the most important service we can provide customers in the small business sector is the reliability and trust. I can make this bold statement based on our acclaimed and industry-leading technical support services. This level of support brings new opportunities for our customers to seek help from experienced professionals when needed, preventing a disruption in the business operations.

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It is not by accident that Dell Technologies has gained a vast reputation with small business owners. We achieved this by providing them with all sorts of assistance, information, documentation, accessible call support, free consulting services, and even financial support, that help them properly integrate our products and solutions into their business model. That’s extremely important, as statistics show that very few small business owners hold a degree in business, despite their inherent business savvy and acumen. Nearly a third of them have taken a business class, and almost half don’t have any form of business education whatsoever. The internet is still one of the most significant resources for a small business owner, and Dell Technologies has an excellent system of online support to accommodate them, complementing the advantages of the direct business model we’ve been famous for since our early days.

The most important thing to remember is that small business owners invest heavily in their future and use their hard-earned profits to expand their operations, fueling the economy, and increasing liquidity in the market.

Sustainable growth is our primary goal as well, and that’s where our philosophies converge, the success of small businesses is reflected in our success as well. That’s why we heavily support them and encourage them with special initiatives targeted at entrepreneurship.

In #DellTechnologies, we are continuously incorporate the latest breakthrough technologies into our products and solutions. We already have products benefit from technologies like 5G, AI, VR/AR, ML, and are affordable for customers in this segment. For example, our latest client systems open new possibilities for getting things done from home or on the go.

All those small business owners will spark the next generation of innovation that will find its way to new technologies of tomorrow and will continue this cyclical model of advancement and growth for the benefit of the whole ecosystem. As a bit of inspiration, you may want to explore the stories of innovation and success fueled by our products and solutions!

About the Author: Jasmina Stritar