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Learn why at Dell Technologies we offer Industry’s Best Hybrid Cloud Deployment

As every decision maker knows, choosing the most suitable operational model for each organization is a complex task, like solving a hard puzzle. For many businesses the same applies for cloud computing resources. Many moving parts and variables determine the right mixture of on-premises and cloud resources, upon which the right kind of workloads would function at their optimal level. Realizing such a diverse and heterogenous ecosystem of needs, in Dell Technologies we have diversified our offerings to suit best entirely different needs.

Currently, the shift to a multi-cloud paradigm is gaining momentum across different industries as clients are moving to their digital transformation paths. While multi-cloud offers great advantages, it seems that a simpler hybrid-cloud approach is what is needed for most organizations in our region.

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Addressing the needs of enterprises for a cloud solution tailored for their specific needs, Dell Technologies Cloud provide a new operating model that brings the efficiency of the cloud without the complexity. For our customer that means a very easy, convenient way to purchase a hybrid-cloud solution, to deploy it with minimal effort and time-waste from the IT professionals and also have in place a future-ready and scalable system that will grow as the business grows.

Things got even better since we introduced a new subscription-based model for Dell Technologies Cloud consisting of VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail with the following characteristics:

·      Provision of a solid start point with hybrid cloud environments

·      Simplifications of operations and improvement of cloud economics

·      Business efficiency through a ready, yet fully customizable cloud management console

·      Business agility through streamlining of operations

·      Boosting of business productivity and reduction of risk

Having integrated in our portfolio a solid range of top-notch products and solutions from our technology leaders including VMware, Virtustream and Dell Boomi has allowed us to use those tools and combine them in various ways of interoperability, so that they can serve as a foundation for specific solutions targeted at specific workloads, corresponding to different industries.

For example, let’s take a look at the healthcare sector: Dell Technologies Cloud has helped and is continuing to help thousands of healthcare organizations to drive their hybrid cloud strategies for their specific clinical and business workloads.

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A huge launching point for hybrid-cloud solutions lies at the undeniable capabilities of our VxRail, which is the perfect virtualization model to modernize and extend data centers. The pinnacle of years of development and close work with VMware came exactly last year, with the introduction of VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail the best and fastest path to deploy and operate hybrid cloud through a fully integrated platform.

The flexibility we are providing means that we help organizations to create integrated cloud infrastructure, to choose and deploy the most appropriate compute, storage, networking & security systems, some of which will run on-premise and others in the cloud, in a seamless and transparent fashion. This approach ensure that our customers enjoy consistent operations with consistent infrastructure across private, public, and the edge – for a true hybrid cloud implementation. In other words, the customer gets from us:

·      Total level of cloud control, but not the cost of building the infrastructure from scratch.

·      Single vendor point meaning simpler, faster and guaranteed service

·      Consistent cloud experience and constant upgrades during the lifecycle of the system

·      Support of every major cloud platform to better deploy the right applications and services

·      Having the widest array of choices and capabilities, thanks to our trusted strategic partners

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With such innovative and efficient tools at our disposal and using VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail to further streamline data center deployments, migrations and deferring resources and services to the cloud, we have successfully arrived at a point where we can safely say that we can offer a truly turnkey experience for simplicity, without sacrificing flexibility or capabilities.

On the contrary, our customers enjoy our deployment guidance and validated designs that are ready to work as soon as they are connected to the rest of the IT environment. As we take care the bulk of deployment tasks, especially when the customer chooses a Data Center as a Service approach, we are able to drastically reduce associated migration, management and overhead costs, which is a direct benefit to the customer.

Many businesses are currently on planning of their digital transformation journey realizing that they need a modern infrastructure to support their current and future needs. Dell Technologies hybrid-cloud offerings are well positioned to support this growth.

About the Author: Valentin Stanescu