Show me the Flex!

PowerFlex introduction
In order to modernize effectively in today’s world, IT organizations must be able to harness the power of software and embrace change while ensuring consistent, predictable outcomes. PowerFlex software-defined storage is designed from the ground-up to do just that. It’s a modern software-defined foundation that delivers extreme flexibility, massive performance and scalability while simplifying complete infrastructure management. It’s the ideal foundation for organizations to modernize their datacenter and workload infrastructure.

PowerFlex a scale-out block storage service that enables customers to create a scale-out server based SAN or hyper-converged infrastructure on x86 hardware. It is platform agnostic, resilient, flexible, elastic, universally consumable and highly scalable. PowerFlex is built in a way that solves many problems inherent to a traditional SAN. PowerFlex offers full-stack VMware® integration alongside support for many other hypervisors and bare metal operating systems. It is a software-defined solution that offers a fully functional enterprise grade SAN equivalent using Dell EMC servers and intelligent software.The Dell EMC PowerFlex appliance combines PowerFlex software with Dell PowerEdge servers, which have been tuned and optimized to run PowerFlex. PowerFlex appliance offers turnkey experience and centralized IT Operations Management (ITOM) via PowerFlex Manager.

High value databases and applications
With its ability to provide extreme and predictable IO and transactional performance with Six 9’s resiliency and massive and on-demand scalability, PowerFlex is a perfect platform for customers looking for a software-defined storage solution for their business-critical high-value databases and application. PowerFlex has invested in building a strong ecosystem of validated solutions that include applications such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, SAP HANA, Epic, Splunk, Elastic Stack and SAS.

 Agile private Cloud
Agile private cloud PowerFlex is an ideal platform for building modern agile private cloud environments. Its ability to scale modularly and flexibly; its software-defined approach to infrastructure provisioning, management and orchestration; its ability to handle massive IO requirements of dense cloud environments; and its support for multiple hypervisors, bare-metal options as well as container management platforms make it a perfect for cloud infrastructure. Additionally, PowerFlex is validated with a broad range of third-party cloud and container automation platforms that include Google Anthos, Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes, and VMware vRealize Operations.