Science Fiction Design with Nike & Dell Canvas

With the Dell Canvas Design has reached a new era of possibilities: Creatitivity of people will no longer be limited by technical infrastructure.

How to revolutionalize the Designing Process

Image you could combine Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and a digital drawing board. Your creative work process would never be the same again. It could transform into a total new working experience.

The good news: The technology is ready for you! We are in the midst of turning the working world of designers upside down. We are pushing them into the next level by providing techniques you might know sow far only from Science Fictions movies.

Digital Collaboration for Conception, Testing and Design

This is how it looks: The 27 inch touchscreen Design Pad Dell Canvas, the Meta 2 AR-Goggles and the Motion Tracking Solution from Ultrahaptics. For designing a new Nike Sportswear shoe collaboration was the perfect mode. Have a look:

This is just the beginning: That new techonlogy Dell Canvas is using does not only want to transform the design work. Interaction with advices, content, and information will be more user-friendly, easier, and smarter.

Dell Canvas for Designers and Artists

User friendlyness is the most important innovation of the new Dell Canvas. It features extra large edges for enough space fot the Stylus-pen or the Totem. The Totem can be used as handwheel for controling and choosing options in a very intuitive way.

The LCD-Panel is directly connected to the nonreflecting Corning® Gorilla® Glass. Therefore delays between pen and display can be avoided. This is the closest experience to drawing on paper you can get!

Stift, Platte, Totem: so geht Design in der digitalen Zeit
Dell Canvas – the perfect match for designers and artists

The QHD-Resolution (2560 x 1440 Pixel) and the extra available Accessory Stand will not only make your eyes happy, with a possible inclination between nine and 85 degrees (adaptable with one hand) working will be possible as personalized as you could imagine.

The Dell Canvas has been rewarded with the CES2017 Award for Innovation and also got the RedDot Award for exceptional Design. Your product for the turning great design into reality.

Design your future with Dell Canvas.

About the Author: Dell Technologies