SAVE THE DATE: Dell EMC Forums 2018 are coming!

As technology innovation is advancing at an exponential rate, nothing is more important than being able to get in direct touch with leading experts and future-ready solutions. Dell EMC Forums are your chance to do just that. Dell EMC Forums taking place in Central Eastern Europe in the first half of 2018 have been announced!

The main goal of our Dell EMC Forums is simple: Enabling you to accelerate your digital transformation. That means, each one of our Forums, all being a one-day events, are not only an exposition. They above all are an experience to discover new strategies, drive IT innovations forward and offer a place for networking among peers and experts.

In every single one of the locations listed below, international as well as local experts will guide you though a series of interesting presentations and showcases. No matter whether you are currently struggling to find the perfect hyper-converged infrastructure solution, are thinking about renewing your backup solution, consider opting for a Big-Data-ready Data Lake or would like to get your hands on the entire current lineup of Laptops, Desktops, Displays and Peripherals from Dell: Dell EMC Forum is the place for you.

Especially, as networking and connecting with peers and experts are the heart of the Forum. Alongside inspiring keynotes, we ensure that there is enough time for exchanging ideas among attendants and experts. Additionally, the Forum offers information of field-leading experts, for example in Virtual or Augmented Reality and other state-of-the-art technologies like the ever-growing Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and much more. In association with Microsoft and Intel as Global Sponsors, Dell EMC strives to create the best event possible.

Select the location that best suits you and save the date in your calendar!

22.03.2018 – Albania
25.04.2018 – Cyprus – registration open / click here!
26.04.2018 – Hungary – registration open / click here!
07.06.2018 – Slovenia- registration opens soon!
07.06.2018 – Romania – registration opens soon!
14.06.2018 – Slovakia – registration opens soon!
18.06.2018 – Isreal – registration opens soon!
20.06.2018 – Georgia – registration opens soon!

Realize your Workforce and Infrastructure Transformation at the Dell EMC Forum

Technology innovation is advancing at an exponential rate, powering a new era of digital transformation. Our world and work are more immersive, more collaborative, more mobile and more competitive than ever before. As these demands drive your business, IT becomes the business. But real digital transformation takes real work.

Attend Dell EMC Forum and take steps to realize your digital future.

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