Portrait on the fly – Capture the moment in Bucharest

Art on the fly – Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignoneau present their latest installation on the 13th of April at the POINT in Bucharest. Experience how art and technology meld and challenge our “selfie-culture”, powered by Alienware.

“Portrait on the fly” is the most recent installation of Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignoneau, two artists who have pioneered the art scene of interactive computer installations. The exhibition will inaugurate on Friday the 13th of April at 7 pm at POINT (General Eremia Grigorescu Str. no. 10) in Bucharest. It will be open until April 16th and entry is free. Laurent Mignoneau will be present at the opening, introducing the installation.

The installation captures the viewer’s imagination by portraying complex structures onto innovative interfaces. “Portrait on the fly” cunningly represents our “selfie-culture” by creating ephemeral depictions of ourselves.

Visitors who step in front of the screen is faced by a swarm of flies that construct a mirrored reflection of the person facing it. Every movement or change of facial expression deconstructs the image on the screen and the flies rearrange according to the visual cues the viewer depicts. The installation represents change, movement and impermanence whilst illustrating our want to capture the essence of every moment.

Experience innovation with Dell Alienware

As this fascinating spectacle is made possible through the power of Dell’s current Alienware-Lineup: the visitors can examine our Alienware computers and notebooks in a separate exhibition right next to the art installation. Dell Alienware gaming products push the limits of how games can be experienced just like Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignoneau push our perception of a moment’s transitoriness.

The corresponding Desktop-PCs and Notebooks alike are equipped with highperformance processors and strong graphics cards – giving you the most intuitive gaming experience paired with the strongest performance.

About the artists

Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignoneau are currently running the Department for Interface Culture at the University of Art and Design in Linz. Both have a history of teaching at renown institutes such as MIT, Cambridge or IAMAS – the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences Japan.

The artists have worked with brands like Hermes, The Pompidou Museum in Paris or The University of Art in Vienna. Their works have been permanently displayed at Ars Electronica Center in Linz, the Martin Gropius Bau at Berlin and other places over Europe.

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