Navigating the Challenges of Driving and Scaling AI Adoption

The global data analytics market will be valued at over $132 billion by 2026 and the business value of artificial intelligence will reach over $3.9 trillion within the same five years. Organizations understand that AI will power the next revolution in analytics. Still, rollouts of AI have been slow -and there is a clear gap between the savings potential with AI and most organizations ability to implement and deploy models and scalable solutions.


For insights into why adopting AI is so challenging and what organizations can do to drive real business value to their customers, join us for an interactive discussion on 9 June where Dell Technologies’ Said Tabet, Pecan’s Zohar Bronfman, UST’s Niranjan Ramsunder, and Johnson & Johnson’s Thomas Dickey will provide exclusive insights on creating innovative solutions, driving and scaling AI adoption successfully, and building out the larger data management context.

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About the Author: Dell Technologies