In 2020 your data is more important than your brand

Cyber-resiliency is a necessity for every organization

In today’s interconnected world, no organization is beyond the danger of cyber-attacks. Orchestrated actions of these attacks threaten organizations’ very ability to operate.

Cybersecurity even hit the headlines of mainstream media in cases of global scale attacks as the ones from Petya malware in two known shipping companies some years ago resulted in losses estimated at $264m USD and $300m USD respectively.

One common misunderstanding is that these attacks made against global, multinational organizations. This perception is not valid, as within our region, major attacks targeted businesses across different sectors in various countries, including Croatia, Greece, or Slovenia.

According to the Enterprise Strategy Group Report, more than 82% of organizations are continually experiencing a compromised production server. 52% of those organizations have an extensive IT team access to backup data, something that adds to the possibilities of data leak or loss. It is also estimated that more than 50% of the available corporate data are exposed to 24/7 continuous ransomware attacks from bots that, unlike human hackers, never sleep and never seize their malicious attempts.

Should enterprises form a dedicated cybersecurity taskforce? What about the businesses that do not have the human talent required to mitigate these attacks? This is an area where Dell Technologies can help and provide modern solutions that protect valuable corporate data.

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Dell Technologies Solution

Our Cyber Recovery Solution provides organizations with easy to deploy end-to-end Automation and Management Software for reorganizing workflows to help meet their risk-mitigation requirements.

The idea behind our solutions is elegant and simple: A Risk-based Replication Process separates the typical corporate operations from an “air-tight” and strictly guarded pool of critical corporate data. The most valuable data of the organization, either the business data “crown jewels” that constitute sensitive business information or mission-critical data are kept secure in a Cyber Recovery Vault. This vault is separated by the rest of the corporate network, with a single dedicated connection to the outside world, kept under scrutiny and reserved for access only to a few trusted corporate individuals.

A second, crucial aspect of Cyber Recovery Solution is the emphasis on analytics. This powerful aspect is what separates this solution from inadequate and simplistic data backup of earlier times, that is just not enough for the businesses today. As hackers get smarter in avoiding security systems, several tools are employed to scan the networks for possible suspect activity continuously. Our Cyber Recovery Solution is ready to protect businesses from today’s threats by offering:

•            System-level validation tools that assist with restore point creation, system health monitoring, and recovery management.

•            Anomaly detection tools that uncover unusual patterns and trigger alarms that prompt further analysis.

•            Malware detection tools that identify the actual malware/ransomware.

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This flexible solution is suitable for all sectors and types of organizations. It can protect the Retail industry, from order management, inventory, and fulfillment. It can help Professional Services (Legal, Consulting) in document management, time tracking, and billing. It can be customized to support Government / Public Sector organizations regarding taxing, licensing information, and documents. In Healthcare, it can protect electronic medical records and clinical systems. In Utilities and Infrastructure, this solution can protect smart meter data and interfaces to industrial systems. In Financial Services, it can safeguard Customer accounts and positions, trading systems, and treasuries.

The need to implement such a robust system of cyber-resilience is also driven by various security regulations and the need to protect individuals’ sensitive data.

In 2020 the right strategy to implement this solution is the advanced planning and not the reactive response after an incident. As the World Economic Forum suggests, 2020 is a year that brings significant disruptions as 5G networks and an explosion of data traffic pouring from the edge drives the Fourth Industrial Revolution with ubiquitous connectivity and digitalization that grows exponentially. All these new connections and technologies increase the probability of cyber-attacks and risks.

Technological innovations increase business capabilities but also the hackers’ tools as well and their frequency and potency of impact.

Dell Technologies is yet for another time proving that it can be an indispensable partner in business, protecting the “digital heartbeat” of an enterprise by providing a robust framework of cyber-crime prevention systems, threat analysis, data protection, and disaster recovery.

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About the Author: Jasmina Stritar