How to thrive in a multi-cloud world

Learn how to manage, consume and control your multi cloud environment on your terms – not the terms of a provider.

Rethinking your cloud strategy

A recent IDC* survey of businesses across Europe concluded that a staggering 94 percent of organisations are changing their IT strategy, with cloud topping the list of planned changes. It’s rare to see such synchronised thinking, particularly in technology.

One thing is for sure: IT investment has never been more strategically significant.

Even before 2020 ushered in a rapid re-evaluation of infrastructure capabilities, the use of the cloud was quickly becoming a priority as organisations recognised a critical need to modernise their approach. Unfortunately, the value of cloud is often negatively impacted by its spiralling costs and the lack of consistency and transparency across the business.

For many, the promise of the cloud has simply not been met.

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The result is CIOs and CTOs are urgently rethinking their cloud strategies and infrastructures, with their attention increasingly turning to multi-cloud.

A well-architected multi-cloud environment reduces infrastructure costs

A multi-cloud environment should bring together private, public and edge clouds into one consistent hybrid experience covering your organisation’s services, operations and infrastructure.

This reduces infrastructure costs, allows for the agility and flexibility in deployment and consumption that businesses crave, while also providing a consistent user experience across multiple platforms. It also paves the way for innovation. It could, for example, give you the ability to deliver cloud-native apps to enhance customer experience and competitive advantage.

A best-practice multi-cloud model allows your company to effectively navigate disruption and respond to an evolving business landscape.

What infrastructure will you need?

Technology executives are all facing the same challenges. They’ll need to ask what the optimal cloud blend is? And how will their environment best support modern and traditional business applications?

In truth, the solution is a very individual matter. It’ll need a holistic view of your organisation’s infrastructure, including using data insights to plan the right cloud balance and an effective application strategy. With sound planning and by setting clear, collective goals, you can modernize, evolve and deliver applications faster and at lower cost.

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We would like to invite you to a free half-day, multi-cloud strategy workshop. In this collaborative workshop, we will demonstrate how you can build a single, open, interoperable, and consistent platform for multi-cloud operations.

For Dell Technologies and VMware, multi-cloud is not a destination; it’s an operating model that enables greater responsiveness, scalability and resiliency. Our objective is to help your organisation truly leverage multi-cloud innovation for competitive advantage.

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Marc O’Regan

About the Author: Marc O’Regan

Dell Technologies EMEA CTO