Building today the IT foundation that will drive your company tomorrow

Nobody has a crystal ball to see the future. But adding intelligence and hard work can make a difference. This approach should be applied to your IT infrastructure solutions as well.

In a business context, being “future ready”, or “future proof” coincides with adapting to change and positioning your organization for long-term success. This is a mind-set that has become fundamental for almost every industry. Especially during our data-driven times, when information is the most valuable capital, every business must position itself toward modernizing their digital infrastructure, to turn data into actionable insight.

For example, in the healthcare sector, hospitals, physicians and integrated delivery systems must facilitate the flow of patient data throughout an expanding community of care, while also securing the information and rigorously protecting patient privacy. To accomplish this, healthcare IT platforms must be as flexible and rapidly scalable as they are highly secure. The same goes for other sectors, like governance and education, digital transformation needs to be built upon an agile and easily adaptable model, so that it will be reshaped according to the new realities and demands that will arise. Dell Technologies has excellent know-how in these types of applications for any size of company or organization.

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The core principles of future readiness

At Dell Technologies, we define this capability to deliver the right information, at the right time, to all key stakeholders as Information-driven business, comprising four well defined principles:

·       Build Future-ready IT Platforms – IT systems should be capable of adapting to change, scaling, and achieving maximum efficiency.

·       Unlock Information – Data must be free from the shackles of paper and from digital silos, with secure access when and where it is needed.

·       Unleash Innovation – Strengthen cash flow, drive organizational improvement, and reallocate resources to improve business outcomes.

·       Empower Professionals – Professionals need technology and process, including real-time decision support and operational insight.

Turning principles into action

These principles come to action practically, through a careful IT infrastructure strategy, planning and implementation. Dell Technologies invests heavily on technology innovation that solve real problems. Together with our partners we are building solutions that will serve our customers today, but in the future as well.

With a firm grasp of the challenges within the digital transformation journey, we can help companies decide the nature of their transformation projects and the heading of their journey into the future – for example whether they will resort to a hyper-converged model, or a more simple overhauling of their existing computational, storage and networking systems.

Embracing virtualization and software containers can unlock the potential of the data center into a hybrid and even multi-cloud paradigm, building on the strong foundation of PowerEdge hardware platform and VMware solutions.

The huge benefits of a software-defined IT approach are evident, especially on demanding IT environments. In that case, our customers enjoy a drastic reduction of cost, vast flexibility in re-arrangement of resources, swift deployment of new nodes, updating of applications and services, easier and better management and security.

Moreover, larger organizations can benefit from broader solutions such as PC-as-a-Service, which automates and simplifies the machine life-cycle, speeding up operations, reducing costs and stream-lining the provision of service and new equipment – of course with the safe and responsible retirement of old devices.

Be Future-ready with Dell Ready Solutions

A major reason why a company with high ambitions should turn to Dell Technologies, is our Ready Solutions, that enable a systematic and holistic approach which will guarantee their future readiness.

The constant feedback we get from our customers, and the close work we do with our partners, produces solutions grounded on partner certified foundations, with tested and validated design guidance. This carefully constructed infrastructure is not made just for the sake of innovation, but targets specific business goals and KPI’s such as performance and availability.

The great benefit of our Ready Solutions is that they give the ability to choose from a variety of easily scalable configurations, starting at easy and affordable entry points, without the need to spend too much capital, initially, caused by overbuying or overprovisioning. Intelligent and targeted investment is a part of our solutions mix.

Our Reference Architectures provide our customers with solutions that work flawlessly. Our server portfolio, for example, is highly adaptable to run demanding Oracle or SQL databases, with super-high availability and super-low latency – concurrently. Thanks to our ideal positioning in the market with excellent strategic tech partnerships, our IT equipment is promptly updated to reflect the latest advancements, a crucial feature in domains such as High Performance Computing, where advanced computing solutions are designed to help professionals solve complex problems faster than ever before, leveraging data analysis and visualization, AI, modeling and simulation. On top of that, we offer another expansion option, for data and recovery, with multiple choices for data protection systems and appliances that better fit the needs of the customers. Data protection can be boosted, but it is already an integral part and a built-in feature of the majority of our offerings.

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Embracing the Cloud

Cloud-ready solutions, powered by Dell EMC and VMware, enable consistent hybrid cloud operations across public cloud, private cloud and the edge. I cannot stress enough how important it is for a modern business to develop an effective cloud strategy.

Modernizing the on-premises infrastructure enables a company to build an IT foundation that powers an operational model that integrates on-premises and public cloud resources. This approach offers a simplified overall management experience and speeds up application provisioning and services.

For certain types of infrastructure, like HyperConverged Infrastructure, the right cloud strategy plays tremendous role for future readiness. Specifically, for HCI, with Dell Technologies as a partner, customers can opt to extend the cloud experience on-premises by deploying Dell EMC VxBlock converged infrastructure and Dell Technologies validated storage, compute, and networking options. That detail over here stresses the importance of reference architectures and validated designs, as we explored previously.

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From the device to the ecosystem

Selecting Dell Technologies means making a choice for future ready products but also a broader perspective of working – something that we incorporate in our Unified Workspace philosophy. All of our newest devices and all of the new experiences that they bring, are a part of our more modern way of managing the customers’ endpoint / IT infrastructure. This is the type of information the IT administrator can use to deliver a better experience to the users.

The constant synergy of data center support for end-point solutions, the seamless and transparent operation of infrastructure management, make the bedrock of a future-ready IT ecosystem. This is exactly what Dell Technologies offers – a system that will keep on adapting and improving, according to the changing landscape of the market.

About the Author: Zsolt Rakoncza