Building a cybersecurity strategy with Dell Technologies

I recently covered the new security landscape and mentioned that I would discuss how in Dell Technologies, we offer a holistic security approach, capable of providing businesses with everything they need to respond in a cybersecurity attack.

Cybersecurity threats require businesses to ensure that every part of their organization is protected and that the right protection strategies are embedded across the end-to-end value chain. All companies, regardless of their size, need to build digitally resilient cultures. A culture of trust and an understanding of cybersecurity is widely appreciated by all business functions and not just technology stakeholders. That’s where Dell Technologies cybersecurity offer comes in. It covers every aspect of the value chain, from infrastructure to business operations. This includes implementing cybersecurity tools, systems, procedures, and precautionary measures to protect every aspect of modern business.

Our Cybersecurity Portfolio is built on a carefully examined and designed framework focused on equipping our customers with the right cyber capabilities, tools, and insights to protect and grow their business. Our methodology begins with a planning and consultation stage, defining each customer’s individual needs, and preparing their cybersecurity plan. Then comes the phase of implementing this strategy, which leads to a much better way of responding and recovering from attacks and disruptions.

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This holistic approach to a carefully examined cybersecurity ecosystem within any organization lays the security foundation underneath your IT infrastructure’s imaginary pyramid. Cybersecurity holds your entire framework of operations and systems and is intrinsic to every system we provide, embedded in our solutions. On top of that, secure infrastructure sits the application layer, which is now comprised of cloud-native security. Finally, we find the digital workplace platform on the top of this pyramid, which comprises all the end-user devices, close or away from the corporate HQ.

Addressing the trend of working from home by using unprotected network connections, we offer protection schemes including corporate VPN solutions, carefully configured SD-WAN connecting appliances, and more effective management consoles that will allow IT to monitor and apply security policies over long distances. And as your workforce is mobile now and operates from home, this presents new security challenges in endpoints, and your IT people can’t respond and intervene manually everywhere. Hence, our cybersecurity protocols allow for more automated and predictive capabilities.

Edge computing and IoT is already a reality for many organizations and is expected to grow rapidly, enabled by 5G. Huge amounts of data produced in factories, remote locations, and other manufacturing sites call for new security solutions. Let’s take the example of Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery that protects and isolates critical data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats while keeping your machines up and running, saving you from downtime and disruptions to your production flow. Machine learning identifies suspicious activity and allows you to recover known good data and resume normal business operations with confidence. By keeping critical operational data safely stored in your cyber recovery servers, you can boot up your production machines in very little time and restart your production, even if you may have hit by a catastrophic data loss event.

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Our cybersecurity solutions are ideal for these types of verticals and the financial world – and finance is a sector where security is the No1 consideration. Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Sheltered Harbor case study shows that our solution offers cyber resilience for financial institutions’ most critical data. Dell Technologies is the first technology solution provider to join the Sheltered Harbor Alliance Partner Program. The solution is based upon the Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution, a market leader with an almost five-year history of protecting organizations’ most critical data.

The Dell Tech advantage

Choosing Dell Technologies as your only tech provider gives you a ton of significant perks and benefits, significantly reducing your ROI and TCO, but also giving you a more robust and effective cybersecurity framework and much less chance to be negatively impacted by attacks or disruptions due to data loss. Our solutions are:

– Pre-installed and pre-validated with universally applied software

– Easy to provision, ship, and deploy

– Save time and money with centralized management

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Dell Technologies Connected Cybersecurity philosophy is ideal for driving your security transformation with intrinsic security baked into our products, along with our major advantage of rich expertise throughout the decades, the skillset we bring to the table, the vast amounts we invest on R&D, our global network of distributors and dealers, our ongoing commitment to delivering the best to our clients, and perhaps our greatest advantage, our rich ecosystem of global strategic partners and also local solution partners and OEM providers, that allow us to remain always one step ahead of the competition.

About the Author: Iryna Volk