• KPIT meets the needs of VDI with all-flash storage

    EMC XtremIO enables improved performance and reduced data center footprint as KPIT doubles size of VDI

  • Customer


  • Industry


  • Offerings

    EMC XtremIO, EMC VSPEX, VCE Vblock

  • Key Challenges

    Four-year-old infrastructure could not provide performance needed for expanded VDI, Company did not want to expand data center footprint

  • Outcomes

    Improved performance via 10 times increase in IOPS, Improved customer service levels, Decreased data center footprint by 60 percent


Infrastructure performance limits efficiency

Consistent, reliable, predictable VDI performance. To meet this requirement, KPIT IT had been undertaking manual tiering processes and increased resource overheads. The company wanted to extend virtual desktops to any and all of its users by doubling its VDI. But without updating its nearly four-year-old infrastructure, it could not provide its developers and other users with the mission-critical application performance they needed to work efficiently.

KPIT Technologies wanted a new storage solution for its VDI that would improve performance without increasing its data center footprint. It turned to EMC for a solution.


Our Approach

EMC’s Mahesh Dhande worked with Mandar Marulkar, Vice President and CIO at KPIT Technologies, to determine the best solution to meet KPIT’s needs. KPIT chose the EMC XtremIO all-flash array and worked with the EMC consulting team to size the array to best handle the larger VDI.

KPIT’s VDI now runs exclusively on XtremIO, while a VCE Vblock converged infrastructure and EMC VSPEX continue to support the company’s other mission-critical applications.

“With XtremIO, all applications are running on a flash disk, which provides thousands of IOPS to enable consistent, fast performance for applications using the virtual desktop infrastructure. This results in a greatly improved experience for our users. Customers benefit when organizations can improve employee productivity, which in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction with our services.”

Mandar Marulkar, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at KPIT Technologies
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Improved VDI performance

XtremIO provides KPIT with consistent and reliable high performance for its VDI without high resource overheads or manual tiering. With IOPS increased by ten times, KPIT can now provide a virtual desktop to any users who require a flexible workplace no matter what applications they use.

Improved customer service

With XtremIO, KPIT provides employees with faster applications and ongoing system improvements—increasing productivity and enabling them to provide faster and improved service to KPIT customers. 

Reduced data center footprint by 60 percent

Thanks to XtremIO and Vblock, KPIT has reduced its data center footprint by 60 percent even against a backdrop of high data growth and a VDI infrastructure that has doubled in size.