• Customer


    • Industry

      Research and development

    • Offerings

      Dell Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision client devices
      Dell UltraSharp monitors

    • Key Challenges

      Accelerating innovation and efficiency

    • Outcomes

      64% acceleration in device provisioning
      81% faster device imaging
      Virtual environments are delivered in 30 minutes instead of two hours
      Improves staff satisfaction and recruiting efforts
      Boosts efficiency and innovation

  • Our Approach

    When Draper began working with Dell Technologies on a new hybrid cloud, it also engaged the organization for an end-to-end client solution. Gene Surilou, desktop engineering manager at Draper, says, “We can provide everyone with the right device by working with Dell, and its products deliver better capabilities and quality than the competition.”

    Today, Draper issues devices based on users’ roles. For example:

    • Desk-centric workers and corridor warriors who need only Microsoft Office and other business applications use Dell OptiPlex workstations and Dell Latitude laptops.

    • Specialized workers such as engineers use Dell Precision mobile and fixed workstations to support SolidWorks and other resource-hungry applications.

    To make it easy for anyone to work in shared spaces, the company’s atrium and conference rooms are equipped with OptiPlex desktops. If employees need faster performance, they can use the OptiPlex desktops to connect to their personal devices.

    • “We didn’t need to go to multiple vendors. We had a team come in from Dell Technologies and design a cohesive enterprise solution.”

      Vanessa Bryan, Director of Client Services, Draper


    Speeds productivity

    With the new Dell solution, device provisioning is 64 percent faster and desktop imaging is 81 percent faster. “It used to take us 14 days to deploy a PC,” explains Bryan. “Today, it takes less than 5 days. And our build times have gone from 4 hours to 45 minutes.” Surilou says, “I also save at least 5 minutes for every system I set up now that we’re using automated tools from Dell. We have about 5,200 devices, so that translates into significant savings. With our new hybrid cloud, I can also deliver a VM in 30 minutes, instead of 2 or more hours.”

    Improves recruiting and staff satisfaction

    By providing every employee with the most appropriate and modern client device, Draper has improved its recruiting efforts. Mike Crones, CIO of Draper, says, “We need to get devices into the hands of new hires as quickly as possible. On day one, hour two, we can now say, ‘Here's your new Dell system, ready to rock.’"

    Gives staff the right options

    Draper has also cut complexity and boosted efficiency by using standardized technologies in the most appropriate form factor. “We get the same computer in a standard, small and micro device from Dell,” explains Surilou. “And we can provide people with a high-quality, right-sized monitor with the UltraSharp line. For example, an ultrawide UltraSharp can handle the job of three monitors without the bulkiness, and it provides a more immersive experience for product designers.” Depending on their job and workspace, employees use a standard, curved, ultrawide, or HD-4K Dell UltraSharp monitor.

    Improves innovation

    Providing IT based on employees’ roles drives workforce transformation. “By partnering with Dell for client devices, we’re no longer dealing with so many tickets about device performance,” says Bryan. “We’ve built trust with our internal customers. And client devices are no longer just endpoints used to get email and write documents. Instead, they’re tools that are integrated into the DNA of every process.”