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    • Achieve data-driven outcomes with your Oracle applications and data

      Discover solutions that optimize business processes and overcome data analytics challenges.

    • Power up your Oracle databases

    • Dell Technologies Solutions for Oracle power Oracle databases for OLTP, data warehouse and BI applications.

    • Solution Situation Benefits Key Components

      Oracle Big Data SQL data virtualization on PowerFlex

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      • Volume, velocity, and variety of data sources are increasing 
      • Agile enterprises must mine data value while reducing operational resources 
      • Traditional data warehouse and data lake compute, storage and labor resources are costly and inefficient
      • Maximize agility of the Oracle data virtualization platform 
      • Rapid scale capacity from four nodes to thousands 
      • High-performance compute and storage in a managed unified fabric  
      • Virtual pooling of block storage with varying performance and data services options
      • Embrace data virtualization and realize quick wins on analytic initiatives. 
      • Achieve a highly agile platform that enables optimal expansion
      • Dell EMC PowerFlex storage R840 nodes and controllers using Flex OS 3.5.1
      • Dell PowerEdge R640 dedicated compute nodes
      • VMware ESXi 7.0 (Dell EMC customized ISO image) with vCenter 7.0 
      • Oracle Big Data SQL 4.1 and seamless connect to:
      • Oracle 19c DB and Grid infrastructure
      • Cloudera Hadoop 6.2.1 and Hive 2.1
      • Oracle NoSQL version 19.5
      • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Enterprise Evaluation Edition

      Consolidating Mixed Workloads

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      • Increase in database and server sprawl
      • Cost and complexity running Oracle on “siloed” IT
      • Long maintenance and upgrade cycles for Oracle
      • Cost of protecting large number of databases copies over large landscapes
      • Reduce TCO by consolidating mixed databases on modern IT
      • Performance at scale for Oracle virtual systems
      • Increase productivity automating manual repetitive processes
      • Enable protection and  availability for “always on” mission critical workloads in the digital era
      • Simplify and reduce cost with native-integrated data protection for Oracle, SQL and SAP

      Reference Architecture

      • PowerEdge Modular Server
      • PowerMax Storage
      • PowerProtect Data Manager
      • PowerProtect Appliances


      Hyperconverged Infrastructure

      • VxRail
      • VxFlex


      Converged Infrastructure

      • VxBlock 1000

      Integrated Copy Management

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      • Cost and complexity resulting from running Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on “siloed” IT
      • Long maintenance and upgrade cycles for application workloads
      • Cost of protecting large number of Oracle database copies over large landscapes
      • Free DBA’s and admins to focus on higher-value work versus repetitive manual processes
      • Increased productivity providing more copies with less cost
      • Full copies with the performance of Oracle production instances
      • Application consistent copies

      Copy Data Management

      • AppSync


      Storage Platforms

      • PowerMax
      • XtremIO
      • Unity XT
      • SC Series


      Oracle Databases on Containers

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      • Difficulty in managing and ensuring code and data consistency between the database and application
      • Interruptions to the agile development process as developers need to wait for copies to be created
      • Concerns over lack of support for persistent storage of database files separate from ephemeral container files
      • Quickly and easily deploy applications and databases consistently across multiple environments
      • Deliver secure, isolated development and test environments in seconds
      • Create persistent storage for stateful applications
      • Simplify provisioning, management and orchestration of container storage
      • Enable easier patching and upgrading of Oracle database applications
      • Spend more time building new applications and competitive business services

      Reference Architecture

      • PowerEdge Modular Server
      • PowerMax Storage


      Hyper-converged Infrastructure

      • VxFlex Integrated Rack
      • VxFlex Appliance
      • VxFlex Ready Node
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