• ProSupport Suite for PCs

    • Change happens fast; support is available right now

      When challenges are coming at you quickly, you need support now, not next week. Our ProSupport Suite experts are ready to help 24x7, whether your team is working from home or in the office. For a single PC or your entire fleet, our predictive, proactive technology alerts you to hardware and software issues before they impact your end-users. You'll discover that every offer in this suite makes your job easier and your end-users happier.

    • "We are #58 of the American Lawyer 100 for 2020. That achievement directly connects to our use of Dell Technologies services and devices." -- Rick, Boulin, CIO, Baker Botts

    • With most of your employees now working from home, Dell is standing by to help you provide uninterrupted system productivity and a seamless end-user experience. Whether you need a little support or a lot, the ProSupport Suite for PCs provides the perfect match for your business needs.

      When basic warranty just won't cut it, upgrade to ProSupport for 24x7 access to tech experts and proactive resolution of issues. When you want the most complete support, choose ProSupport Plus. It provides predictive and proactive support, as well as protection from accidents and the ability to keep your hard drive if it should ever need to be replaced. 

      We've tried to think of everything you need to keep your employees productive and successful and you focused on the bigger challenges in your day. Whatever you need, Dell is available right now to help.

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      Get ahead of disruptions by making data-driven decisions

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      Provide support from a remote location including optimizations and updates to BIOS, drivers and firmware

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      Deliver a hassle-free experience with AI-driven proactive and predictive support

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      ProSupport Suite for PCs

      Up to 6x faster time to resolution of a failed hard drive than the competition.2


      Learn more about ProSupport Suite for PCs

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      ProSupport Suite Comparison Chart

      The level of support needed is different for every company. Get the plan that's right for you and your team. This comparison chart shows you the features side-by-side to help you make the best decision.

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      Protection for Accidents

      Funny things happen when you're working from home (or anywhere, really). If your employees drop their laptops or their kids spill juice on them, we are just a phone call away. We'll repair or replace accidents due to drops, spills and surges.3

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      SupportAssist – the AI-driven Technology behind ProSupport Suite for PCs

      Dell SupportAssist is the AI engine behind the ProSupport Suite for PCs. It powers your proactive and predictive support experience. Learn how we keep your workday free of disruptions.

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      Get Started with SupportAssist

      Download and activate SupportAssist to take full advantage of your ProSupport Suite for PCs. This Getting Started Guide shares the benefits of SupportAssist, how to enable and information on security, deployment and more.

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      Security is Paramount

      Five key questions you may have about SupportAssist security -- and their answers. Download our security whitepaper to understand how Dell enables an effortless proactive and predictive support experience.

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      Dell alerts you to issues before they become problems – HP and Lenovo do not

      Read this third-party report about the ability of ProSupport Plus for PCs to detect and automatically alert you to issues, so you can fix them before they impact end-users. In fact, you can fix them before your end-user even knows there's a problem. Just FYI...our competitors can't do this.

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    • 1Based on a Principled Technologies test report, “Dell ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist warns you about hardware issues so you can fix them before they cause downtime” dated April 2019. Testing commissioned by Dell, conducted in the United States. Actual results will vary. Full report: http://facts.pt/0xvze8. SupportAssist must be activated through ProSupport or ProSupport Plus to realize proactive or predictive alerts or benefits. Hardware issues detected by SupportAssist include hard drives, solid state drives, batteries and fans.

      2Based on a Principled Technologies report, “Diagnose and resolve a hard drive issue in less time with Dell ProSupport Plus” May 2020. Testing commissioned by Dell, conducted in the United States.  Actual results may vary. Full report: http://facts.pt/ddv0ne9 SupportAssist must be activated through ProSupport or ProSupport Plus to realize proactive or predictive alerts or benefits. SupportAssist automatically detects and proactively alerts Dell to: operating system issues, software upgrades, driver updates and patches, malware, virus infected files, failures of hard drives, batteries, memory, internal cables, thermal sensors, heat sinks, fans, solid state drives and video cards.

      3Accidental Damage service excludes theft, loss, and damage due to fire, flood, or other acts of nature, or intentional damage. Customer must return damaged unit. Limit of 1 qualified incident per contract year.