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    • Overnight, the world changed and we jumped years ahead to a digital future

      Every industry was already transforming, but the pace of change was rapidly kicked into overdrive. Now, every organization is asking if they're ready for what's next and how to prepare their people and operations for anything, including the unexpected. With technology at the helm, the Connected CIO is uniquely equipped to optimize their organization for success in the data decade— specifically by increasing agility with flexible IT, enabling their teams to work and learn from anywhere with a digital workplace and creating new value by innovating with data.

      • Today's CIOs face unprecedented challenges and can become digital navigators who guide their organizations through crises while adapting new business goals and strategies.

    • While no one can predict the future, here's what your organization needs to be thinking about to thrive in the data decade:

    • With Digital Transformation accelerating at full-speed, these 3 imperatives will keep your business moving ahead

      In today's shifting digital landscape, the CIO is more critical than ever before and must be ready for tomorrow's digital future today. The Connected CIO leads in the digital future by embracing three critical business imperatives.


      Increase business agility with flexible IT

      Outpacing disruption hinges on your ability to readily deploy and adapt resources to where they can bring about the best outcomes. How quickly you pivot defines how strong you’ll come out on the other side, and it requires more flexibility, choice and consistency in how you consume and pay for technology.


      Enable your people to work and learn from anywhere with a digital workplace

      The debate of whether a digital workplace can be productive is over; we've seen it's not only successful but here to stay. Wherever work or learning happens for your organization, equip your teams with the right experiences and resources to be productive from anywhere— simply, securely and cost-effectively.


      Create new value by innovating with data

      Stellar customer experiences. Groundbreaking innovations. Operational efficiencies. They’re all achieved with quality data insights. Harness the power of emerging technologies to put all your data to work, anywhere, to create new value for your organization.

    • If digital transformation were easy, you’d already be there

      In digital transformation there can be leaders and those who fall behind. CIOs that have started the process and begun transforming their organizations are better positioned to handle big challenges and achieve business results. They’re quantifiable.

    • Connected Mobility: The ultimate human-machine merger is evolving

      Even in today’s climate a new mobility industry in transportation has emerged, and the business opportunities are promising. Learn about our deep experience in all areas, from robotic factor workers to F1 racing fueled by data.

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