Today’s market conditions will have changed before you finish reading this

    • Build a foundation for the fastest digital innovation

      We’re in an era of continuous, rapid change but IT makes it possible to evolve and adapt. You can deliver new digital products by strengthening in-house competences in data and software. You can gain critical adaptive capabilities, get to market faster and more consistently, all while optimizing workloads and protecting against cyber threats.

    • Create exactly what customers crave

      We help you master modern digital product development as a core competence. You’ll be able to generate and collect more, high-value data and unlock its value. You’ll also be able to deliver software with a rapid, iterative, agile development process to better integrate with customers, partners and suppliers.

    • 58%

      of organizations can’t release software into production faster than once per quarter1


      Bank Leumi

      Bank Leumi reduced their time to get code into production from weeks to days. 

    • Deliver reliably and quickly from core to edge to cloud

      Infrastructure must be reshaped into modern platforms able to deliver higher value services that accelerate the way you innovate. We enable you to quickly develop and deliver applications anywhere from core to edge to cloud. You’ll be able to ensure new and existing applicates are running in the best environment.

    • 93%

      of organizations deploy workloads across multiple clouds2


      State of Illinois

      State of Illinois expects to save $26m in cloud & application operational over 5 years

    • Develop intrinsic security against cyber threats

      Traditional approaches to IT security are not sufficient in this challenging time. Security must be intrinsic, pervasive and proactive to meet all expectations. Modernize your security operating model, including the ability to protect, archive and recover your apps and data wherever they run.

    • 197 days

      The average time required to identify a data breach is 197 days3


      Express Scripts

      Express Scripts reduced their lead time to patch operating systems by 89%