• Dell EMC Isilon F810 All-Flash NAS Storage

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      Lower the costs of high-performance storage with the in-line data compression and deduplication capabilities of Dell EMC Isilon F810 all-flash scale-out NAS. Depending on the dataset, expand effective storage capacity and increase density by up to 3:1 with inline data compression and deduplication.  Ideal for demanding unstructured data workloads including EDA, data analytics and artificial intelligence, Isilon F810 combines extreme performance and efficiency.

      Isilon F810 integrates easily with existing PowerScale clusters, scales quickly and keeps management simple, no matter how large your data environment becomes. 



    Use Case
    Raw Capacity Per Chassis
    Inline Data Compression
    Throughput Per Chassis
    Storage Type
    Drives Per Chassis
    SSD Cache Per Chassis
    Isilon F810
    All-flash scale-out NAS
    Extreme performance and efficiency for demanding file workloads
    230 TB - 924 TB
    Up to 15 GB/s
    Not applicable
    Isilon F800
    All-flash scale-out NAS
    Extreme performance and scalability for most demanding file workloads
    96 TB - 924 TB
    Up to 15 GB/s
    Not applicable
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    Isilon F810 All-Flash NAS Storage

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