Dell Client Configuration Services

    • Receive new systems ready to use out of the box.

      PCs are configured and customized in our factory. Prior to shipping your new systems, we can load your image, customize BIOS settings, partition hard drives and install any third party software or hardware. So your systems arrive at your site pre-configured with minimal to no further customization required. In addition we can apply asset tags, box labels and provide asset reports.

      Note:  For Dell to provide configuration services, we must first ensure your image is exportable in accordance with the U.S. Export law. Learn More

    • Configuration Services Key Benefits

      • PCs arrive at your site with minimal or no further customization needed
      • Ensures consistency as new systems have same version of same software
      • Eliminates the need to image and configure PCs at a staging area or desk-side
      • Track PCs from our factory to the end-user’s desk without ever opening the box
    • Dell Configuration Services Details

    • What We Offer Purpose Benefits What You Get



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      We load the image as you provide it as your new systems being built in our factory.
      • Eliminates the need to image new systems desk-side or at a staging area
      • Ensures each system has the same version of the same software
      • WIM, Ghost, or ImageAssist images
      • Multiple hard drive partitions
      • Virus check and image validation
      • ImageAssist cross platform images are dynamically updated with the latest drivers.

      Asset Tagging and Reporting 


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      To help you keep track of new PCs, prior to shipping we apply asset tags and shipping box labels. We also provide asset reports which identify all PCs shipped in the previous timeframe.
      • Track systems from our factory to the end-user without opening the box.
      • IT help desk has consistent information on end-user systems
      • Simplifies integrating new assets into asset management systems
      • Standard tags with most popular fields
      • Custom tags with company logo
      • Electronic tag in system BIOS
      • Anti-theft labels
      • Asset Reports with most common fields
      • Laser etching

      Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE


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      We pre-configure all of the applications and settings from a customer provided provisioning package (PPKG) and configuration file on top of a generic image which is an up-to-date version of a Windows 10 OS. New Dell systems are then preloaded with the PPKG file and generic image prior to shipping.
      • Moves time, work, and bandwidth back into the Dell factory
      • Enables hardware and OS security at first boot
      • Ready to work experience for end-user at first boot
      • Keep the device fully updated from the cloud
      • Generic image limited to a Windows 10 OS free of unauthorized software1
      • PPKG file installed in factory
      • Configuration (XML) file loaded in factory
      • Enrollment from the cloud
      • Device automatically joins Active Directory or Azure Active Directory

      Dell Provisioning for Windows Autopilot


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      We load a customer's image, or a Dell generic image (clean 'Windows installation, no added OEM software) on the system during the manufacturing process. We will also upload the device information needed for enrollment with Microsoft on behalf of the customer.


      • Moves time, work, and bandwidth back into the Dell factory
      • Enables pre-enrollment of the PC to reduce IT administrative tasks
      • Ready to work experience for end-user at first boot
      • Keep the device fully updated from the cloud
      • Generic image limited to a Windows 10 OS free of unauthorized software1
      • Registration in the cloud for each Dell system
      • Device automatically joins Azure Active Directory

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      Configuration Services Datasheet

      Reduce deployment time and ensure the consistency of your end-user environment with standard configurations.


      ImageAssist Datasheet

      Effortlessly create, deploy, and update cross-platform images faster than ever.


      Asset Tagging and Reporting Datasheet

      With our Asset Tagging and Reporting services, we make identifying, tracking, and securing your computers easier.


      Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE

      What used to take hours can now be done in minutes. Get a low touch deployment with instant end-user productivity.


      Provisioning for Windows Autopilot

      Accelerate adoption of Windows 10 and Unified Endpoint Management

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    • Depending upon the type of license provided and policy configuration, unauthorized non-business application may be automatically pushed from the cloud on first boot. These applications may appear as Start Menu tiles and could include such packages as Candy Crush, Solitaire, Bubble Witch, etc.