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    Ramkhamhaeng Hospital

    • Digitized data: The new frontier in healthcare

      Clinicians at Ramkhamhaeng Hospital are committed to serving communities across Thailand by delivering more efficient services and better patient care. With Dell Technologies, the hospital is improving healthcare outcomes through secure data, digital applications and virtual care using telehealth. Today, Ramkhamhaeng Hospital is a paragon of modern-day healthcare services — shining a light on the power digitization has to save lives.

    • We deliver value to our patients through digital applications. That’s the brains in our systems. But the brain cannot work without the heart. The heart is our IT infrastructure with the help of Dell Technologies.

      Dr. Pitchaya Somburanasin, Executive Director, Ramkhamhaeng Hospital Group
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      Removing the limits for delivering patient care

      Hospitals are a 24/7 operation, so rapid diagnostics and round-the-clock care are vital to prevent life-critical delays. Ramkhamhaeng Hospital turns to Dell Technologies for a strong technology foundation that provides anytime, anywhere access to patient data.

    • Promotion. Prevention. Treatment. From the cloud.

      Patients need to be connected to doctors, wherever they are. Ramkhamhaeng Hospital is driving the adoption of telehealth across the country, from point of care to the data center to the cloud.

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      The cloud: Where hospitals and technology meet

      Ramkhamhaeng Hospital is rethinking delivery models for more widespread coverage and improved patient outcomes. The answer: telehealth. With a hybrid cloud solution from Dell Technologies, Ramkhamhaeng is unlocking the power of virtual healthcare.

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      Customer: Ramkhamhaeng Hospital
      Industry: Healthcare
      Location: Thailand

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      • Unified Workspace

        Secure your business with trusted devices, access and data that doesn’t impede your employees’ ability to work anywhere, anytime.

      • PowerEdge Servers and VMware

        Flexibly scale your hybrid cloud to meet workload requirements with high performance and reduced latency across edge, core and cloud deployments.

      • Data Storage

        Create a simple, enterprise data lake to handle diverse and demanding workloads with storage designed for 6x9's of availability.

      • Hyperconverged Infrastructure

        Modernize the data center, accelerate the path to hybrid cloud and enable cloud native applications with VxRail.

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