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    Generate actionable insights, digitize business processes, and transform your customer experiences with the right technology.

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    • Find your edge

      See why 69% of US Fortune 100 companies use Dell Technologies for their edge solution1

    • Unlock the value of data at the edge

      The edge exists wherever the digital world and physical world intersect, and data is securely collected, generated and analyzed to create new value. We make this possible with solutions that deliver consistent infrastructure and operations, intrinsic security, and expert support around the world.

    • Unlock business potential at the edge

      We take you through five key steps to ensure your edge deployment delivers maximum business returns.

    • Design edge solutions that meet your organization’s unique goals

      Every industry is undergoing digital transformation. Edge plays a critical role in how organizations leverage new data sources to drive specific and differentiated business outcomes. 

    • Manufacturing

      • Manufacturing

      • Simplify and automate data collection at every stage of the production cycle

        Improve quality and yield of your ​production line in real time. Edge ​computing lets you use the latest ​technology to identify and manage ​potential problems and ensure your manufacturing facility is highly ​competitive.

    • Retail

      • Retail

      • Personalize customer experience with data insights

        Edge technology will enable you to intuitively predict your customers' buying preferences and engage them with tailored, seamless experiences across shopping channels.

    • Smart and Safe Cities

      • Smart and Safe Cities

      • Improve quality of life by increasing the city’s efficiency

        Leverage technology to create advanced living environments. Edge technology is the catalyst for the digital transformation of our cities, with buildings, transportation and public utilities becoming “smart and safe.” By digitizing everyday objects and environments, cities will become more sustainable and efficient and, ultimately, better living places for everyone.

    • Healthcare

      • Healthcare

      • Generate actionable insights from data to deliver smarter patient care

        Leveraging technology to revolutionize ​information provision and process in ​healthcare. Edge technology enables a ​step-change in healthcare, letting care ​providers access the real-time data ​they need to make better informed ​decisions while treating more patients ​regardless of where they are.

    • Utilities

      • Utilities

      • Lower costs, protect the grid and introduce remote management

        Manage increasingly complex energy grids by performing analytics at the source of data collection. Enable real-time demand forecasting, affordable and reliable service delivery, enhanced security, customer satisfaction and more.

    • Transportation

      • Transportation

      • Improve maintenance, scheduling and transportation safety​

        Using data from the edge to drive transportation efficiencies from terminal to destination. Computing at the edge enables predictive technologies that improve maintenance, scheduling and safety, enhancing traveler experiences while making transportation more affordable and efficient.

    • Safety and Security

      • Safety and Security

      • Keep people, property and our planet safer​

        To help ensure the safety and security of employees, customers and visitors to your organization’s environment, edge technology redefines the way your safety and security programs and procedures work, enabling ongoing innovation. Computer vision provides visual insights into infrastructure management for spaces such as smart buildings, airports, manufacturing facilities and more. 

    • Customer Stories



      Learn how iNet improved their resource allocation and scheduling using real-time insights from Dell Technologies Edge solution.



      Discover how Doosan reduced maintenance and equipment replacement costs while improving power-generation safety using Dell Technologies OEM solution at the edge.

    • Collaborate with Dell Technologies to design and build your OEM solutions

      If you can dream it, together, we can design, support and deliver your custom solutions. OEM solutions’ engineers and technology can help turn your ideas into marketable products.

    • Build on enterprise-class edge technology

    • Servers


      Serving your business needs with agility and speed

      Respond rapidly to data growth, monitor system health accurately, and operate in harsh environments with Dell Technologies Servers at the edge.

    • Data Storage

      Data Storage

      Store, protect, and get the most from your data

      Extract valuable insights from your data and better support your most critical workloads, wherever they exist. 


      Hyperconverged Infrastructure

      Accelerate innovation with hyperconverged infrastructure at the edge

      Build on consistent infrastructure and operations across your data center, edge, and public cloud. 

    • Cloud Solutions

      Cloud Solutions

      Drive consistency across your cloud and edge environments

      Simplify, streamline and automate Cloud operations with the industry’s fastest hybrid Cloud deployment.  

    • Networking


      Deliver connectivity to edge locations seamlessly

      We have you covered from the data center, to campus, to edge environments with industry-leading hardware platforms and virtual networking functions.

    • Edge gateways & embedded computing

      Edge gateways & embedded computing

      Empower analytics at the edge with ruggedized intelligent devices

      Edge gateways and embedded PCs aggregate data and support analytics at the edge of the network to gain faster, and richer business insights.

    • See how our edge technologies can help support a better world

    • Explore more ways to find your edge

    • Extending Cloud to the Edge

      Extending Cloud to the edge

      Leverage the power of cloud for your edge environments.

    • AI


      Utilize data-driven insights to guide your organization’s decision-making processes. 

    • Services for edge

      Services for edge

      Draw on a global support network with years of experience designing and servicing edge technologies.

    • Dell Technologies on Demand

      Dell Technologies on demand

      A flexible way to consume edge infrastructure based on your needs, providing you with more options for an on-demand world. 

    • The Connected CIO: Create new value at the edge

      The Connected CIO: Create new value at the edge

      Today’s CIOs are facing huge challenges and becoming digital navigators to adapt to the data decade. We can help navigate and create new value at the edge.

    • Work with Dell Technologies Partners for your edge implementation

      Work with Dell Technologies Partners for your edge implementation

      We created the Edge Ecosystem Program to bring together innovative technology and services companies to help partners and their customers be at the forefront of digital transformation at the edge.

    • Edge Resources

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