• Ready Solutions for Big Data Use Cases

      Ready Solutions for Big Data can address a broad range of analytic workloads with an integrated on-premises solution that provides big data as a Service (BDaaS).


        Data lake as a service

        Data lake as a service is the easiest way to stage and query raw data from business applications, log files or other sources, as well as create a cost effective way to store historical data.


        Analytic pipelines

        Raw data can be collected in a  data lake, then regularly processed to move subsets to domain-specific data marts or enterprise data warehouses.


        Sandbox as a service

        Sandbox as a service supports data exploration, testing and development environments where enterprises can explore new ideas quickly and inexpensively.


        Data mart as a service

        Data mart as a service can augment existing data warehouses used to analyze structured data from business applications by offloading workloads.

    • Ready Solutions for Big Data come with five custom images including Cloudera® Hadoop, Hortonworks® Hadoop, Cassandra® NoSQL, Spark™, and in-memory GPU.

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      An on-premise big data as a service solution that provides the self-service, economics and simplicity of the cloud with the on-premise security and compliance organizations demand

    • Customer Story


      Panera Bread uses real-time data analytics on 250,000 digital orders a day across 897 cities in the US and Canada.





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