• Accelerate your journey to the hybrid cloud

      9 out of 10 cloud strategies include on-premise data centers1. The workhorse of your on-premise infrastructure is the server, and the cloud-ready PowerEdge portfolio of rack, tower, and modular servers is built to modernize your business.

    • Maximize your hybrid cloud strategy with a foundation of on-premise solutions, including:

      • PowerEdge cloud-ready servers
      • Ready Node platforms
      • Lifecyle Management
      • Ready Solutions for HPC and AI
    • A consistent infrastructure begins with cloud-ready servers

    • Transforming your business requires a consistent infrastructure from the data center to the cloud. A hybrid cloud infrastructure allows you to strategically choose where to run your workloads, while an on-premise solution helps you meet specific workload requirements and maintain control over your infrastructure. Cloud-ready PowerEdge servers ensure data mobility and consistent operation of critical workloads across your on-premise, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud model.

    • Our Partners We Work With

    • VMware Cloud Foundation

      VMware Cloud Foundation bundles VMware vSphere (compute virtualization), VMware NSX (network virtualization) and VMware Realize Suite (cloud management and monitoring) into a single unified platform that supports any application and provides flexible control.

    • Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

      The Azure cloud service bridges public and private cloud, including for Microsoft Windows-based data centers globally. With support for Windows 2019, Hyper-V virtualization, Storage Spaces Direct and other integrations, organizations have flexibility to step up to the cloud with their infrastructure.

    • Red Hat OpenStack

      With an open approach, the OpenStack cloud infrastructure provides a fully customizable experience with full hybrid cloud and container support. The OpenStack deployment model includes all the components to help you provision and speed up your deployments, to realize optimal business outcomes.

    • Essential Resources

      Server resources for hybrid and multi-cloud


    • Customer Story: New Belgium Brewing

      Improving efficiency while reducing costs

      New Belgium Brewing uses technology to develop world-class craft beers and quickly found out that running operations in the cloud was inadequate.

    • Customer Story: Swiff-Train

      Modernizing for more simplified and reliable operations

      Aging infrastructure and manual operations kept the IT operations team stretched. They had to invest for growth with solutions that talk to the cloud.

    • Customer Story: Jaguar Network

      Hybrid Cloud with services for demanding workloads

      With a new hybrid-cloud service, Jaguar Network needed to create a service delivery infrastructure to ensure performance and reliability for clients.

    • Customer Story: Nol-Tec Systems

      Engineered for agility and consistency

      Here’s how Nol-Tec Systems transitioned to a simpler, more agile way of delivering services by adopting VMware Cloud Foundation.

    • Customer Story: Lancaster University

      IT that’s fast, flexible, and always on

      Learn how Lancaster University used PowerEdge MX to enable a responsive public cloud UX within a secure private cloud environment.



      Unify your data and workloads across hybrid cloud

      Your data is in the datacenter and in the cloud. Enabling seamless mobility between on-premises and cloud can optimize operations and reduces costs. Dell Cloud Validated Designs help you achieve your goals. 


      Cost Effectiveness of Running Critical Workloads On-Premise

      Examine the cost savings of running a steady state workload, such as SAP, on premise compared to in the public cloud over a 3-year term.


      Modernizing IT with Cloud and On-Premises Infrastructure

      This webinar addresses some of the key considerations IT decision makers have when moving to a hybrid IT model vs. keeping all workloads on-premises


      Workload Placement Separates the Winners from the Losers in IT

      This IDC White Paper shows why leading organizations are opting for hybrid IT environments, mixing cloud and on-premises deployments to maximize agility, performance, and scalability.


      Flex on Demand for PowerEdge servers

      Utilize flexible consumption to deploy on-premise infrastructure with elastic compute for your needs.


      Developing an Effective Workload Placement Strategy

      This ebook highlights the importance of creating a customized workload strategy for the cloud deployment type.


      Hybrid Cloud Success Starts with On-Premises Server Infrastructure

      Read how modern servers can have a direct impact on the success of your hybrid cloud infrastructure.


      Planning for a Successful Hybrid Cloud adoption

      Learn the key criteria you should evaluate before moving your applications and workloads to the cloud.


      Save Time with vSphere Lifecycle Manager

      Read how to streamline the management of your virtual infrastructure with the right batch of tools.


      Leverage Scalable Platforms for Mixed Workloads in the Cloud

      Here’s what to know before running your next workload on-premise or in the cloud.



      Rebuilding your infrastructure, one building block at a time, to get to cloud?

      Establish your multi-cloud strategy as well as unify your operations into a common view with VCF.


      With Flexible Consumption, Ramp Up Your Infrastructure on Your Terms

      Expand your business results and IT strategy with a flexible consumption approach with a plan that scales to match your usage.


      Which Workloads are Best Run On-Premises?

      If your current public cloud approach does not work effectively for certain workloads, you may want to consider on-premise.


      Dell EMC PowerEdge + VMware: The Ultimate Hybrid Cloud Combo

      Learn how PowerEdge servers and VMware’s latest software stack, including vSphere 7, vSAN 7, and VCF 4 can accelerate your hybrid cloud journey.


      Chart a Better IT Future with PowerEdge and VMware

      Discover the benefits of building simple and flexible hybrid cloud with Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes.


      Simplify and Accelerate Modern Apps with PowerEdge & VMware vSphere

      Here’s how vSphere 7U1 provides the fastest way to get started with Kubernetes in existing infrastructures.

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