• SQL Backup Software

    • Protect valuable data with Microsoft SQL backup software from Dell EMC

    • As organizations in every industry turn to Microsoft SQL Server to support essential business functions, SQL backup software has become a business-critical technology. 

      Protecting the information in SQL databases is essential for business operations and continuity. But as the volume of data throughout the organization continues to grow exponentially, managing SQL backup and recovery and meeting strict protection Service Level Objectives (SLOs) has become increasingly challenging. And while many organizations are tempted to allow database administrators to manage backups for their own data, this strategy has significant shortcomings when it comes to ensuring compliance with regulation and retention policy.

      Dell EMC, a global leader in enterprise and SMB data protection solutions, provides high-performing SQL backup software with self-service capabilities that also helps to reduce costs, simplify compliance, meet SLOs and ensure the protection of SQL data.

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    • SQL backup software must solve many challenges

    • When choosing SQL software to manage growing databases, IT teams must keep a number of critical challenges in mind.

      The complexity of IT environments makes SQL backup more difficult, with data potentially residing not only in on-premises servers but in public, private or hybrid cloud sites.

      The impact on performance of lengthy backup windows means IT teams must find solutions that can accelerate backups and minimize windows even as data volumes continue to grow.

      Compliance requirements that are continually changing add another layer of complexity that SQL backup software must solve.

      Rising data volumes not only increase the amount of information that must be protected but the cost of storage, bandwidth and CPU utilization as well.

      Increasing costs – the result of these challenges and others – mean that the right SQL backup software must be able to protect data more efficiently.

    • SQL backup software from Dell EMC

    • Dell EMC provides organizations large and small with powerful SQL backup software in the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite. This comprehensive software is built to meet stringent SLOs for mission-critical applications like SQL Server and offers multiple options to simplify protection of workloads in the core data center, in the cloud and at the edge.

      Dell EMC SQL backup software empowers application owners to use native application UIs to perform backups from the application server, primary storage or hypervisor. The impact on application servers during backup windows is significantly reduced, as little to no data flows through the application server.

      Dell EMC SQL backup software also provides:

      • Self-service options that are fully within the guardrails and oversight of the IT team.
      • Automated discovery of storage, databases and VMs, assigning them to pre-designed protection plans to ensure that all data is protected.
      • Visibility into data protection environments across multiple systems and sites.
      • The ability to transfer backup data securely and efficiently into the cloud for disaster recovery
      • Continuous data protection for operational recovery and disaster recovery for VMware environments.
      • Support for cloud data management including cloud disaster recovery, in-cloud backup and long-term retention to the cloud.
      • Robust business resiliency through automated data isolation, analytics and recovery.

    • Five reasons to make Dell EMC your SQL backup software solution

    • Organizations in every industry vertical have chosen SQL backup software from Dell EMC for five crucial reasons.

      1. Self-service options: Dell EMC SQL backup software gives control over backup to database administrators while providing automated and policy-defined guidelines that help to ensure compliance.
      2. Improved performance: SQL backup software from Dell EMC enables organizations to meet stringent protection SLOs with backup speeds that are faster than traditional solutions. Dell EMC technology also helps to drastically reduce the footprint for protection storage and to minimize WAN bandwidth and CPU utilization.
      3. Hands-off management: Dell EMC automates routine processes to streamline protection and defend against human error. This SQL backup software automates discovery of databases, storage and copies and as well as the implementation of protection plans.
      4. Protection for VMs: Dell EMC enables IT teams to protect VMs quickly with guided onboarding and to manage VMware backup and data protection from a single console.
      5. Simpler compliance: The Dell EMC management and automation platform ensures that data protection meets business requirements, providing backup team-defined protection plans to monitor, proactively manage and enforce SLO compliance.

    • Calculating your cost-to-protect with SQL backup software

    • Use our Dell EMC cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator to determine your cost-to-protect (CTP) and what you could save with SQL backup software. Your cost-to-protect is the monthly cost of protecting SQL databases and other business-critical data. Understanding your CTP is the first step in making more informed decisions about data protection that can help to reduce your operational and capital costs.

      The Dell EMC cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator determines your cost-to-protect by taking into account the number of gigabytes to be stored, the cost of your protection solution, the months supported by purchase and other criteria.

    • FAQs on SQL backup software

    • What is Microsoft SQL Server?
      Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that is used by a wide number of organizations for business intelligence, transaction processing and analytics applications. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the market-leading database technologies, along with IBM DB2 and Oracle Database.

      What is SQL backup software?
      SQL backup software helps to manage backup and recovery operations for data stored in SQL databases. 

      Why is deduplication a critical function of SQL backup software?
      Databases frequently contain a large amount of duplicate data. When backing up SQL Server, deduplicating the backup set can help to reduce the amount of storage required for backup as well as the bandwidth needed to transfer data.

      Does Dell EMC technology provide backup software for SAP, Oracle, IBM and other database solutions?
      Yes. Dell EMC Data Protection Suite is a powerful software solution for SAP, IBM and Oracle backup and recovery.

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