• Unleash the full potential of public cloud data protection with Google Cloud and Dell EMC

      Google Cloud offers all the operational efficiency, data security and innovation that comes with operating in the public cloud. The Dell EMC Data Protection portfolio helps customers succeed on their cloud journey and reap the benefits of the public cloud with efficiency, resiliency and scalability.

    • Optimize your Google Cloud investment

      • Protect workloads in Google Cloud 
      • Efficiently replicate to, from and between hybrid cloud environments for maximum data mobility
      • Leverage industry-leading deduplication for low cost-to-protect and total cost of ownership 
    • Explore technologies enabled with Google Cloud


      PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition

      Enable in-cloud data protection for applications running in the cloud


      SAP HANA Integration

      Protect most critical workloads in Google Cloud with certified native integration


      Google Cloud VMware Engine

      Enable seamless migration of VMware workloads and lower costs

    • Data Protection solutions supported with Google Cloud


      Back up to Google Cloud

      Keep data secure and available for recovery when needed


      Long-Term Retention

      Improve long-term data retention with cloud-ready appliances and software-defined infrastructure


      In-Cloud Protection

      Same data protection in cloud and manage hybrid cloud environments from single location

    • Protect your Google Cloud investment

      Now that you have the power of a Google Cloud ecosystem, how can you use it to protect your most precious asset — your data?

    • PowerProtect DDVE


      PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition

      PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition enables data protection in the cloud for applications running in the cloud. DDVE in the cloud allows for both backup and replication. Pairing Google Cloud with DDVE can increase transactional and operational efficiencies in addition to providing significant cost savings.

    • Data Protection for SAP HANA

      SAP HANA

      Deployment of Dell EMC Data Protection Suite with Networker, PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition and certified native integration with SAP HANA, makes it easy to protect your most critical workloads in Google Cloud.


      Cloud Protection for Google Cloud VMware Engine

      Dell EMC Data Protection solutions provide a proven and modern way to leverage the value of Google Cloud VMware Engine. The Google Cloud VMware Engine enables you to seamlessly migrate VMware workloads to Google Cloud while lowering costs and freeing the business to innovate. Only Dell Technologies can provide you with the architecture and deep integration with VMware, leveraging both world class data protection and open source initiatives.

    • Google Cloud Backup Solutions by Dell EMC

      Back up to Google Cloud

      Dell EMC Data Protection solutions allow customers to leverage Google Cloud storage to keep data secure and available for recovery when needed.

    • Long-term data retention on Google Cloud Platform

      Long-Term Retention

      Accelerate your tapeless journey or improve your long-term data retention efficiencies with cloud-ready appliances and software-defined infrastructure. Start small with as little as 1TB and scale as needed.

    • Data backup solutions for Google Cloud Platform

      In-Cloud Protection

      Protect in-cloud applications with the performance, efficiency, and reliability of PowerProtect DD Series Appliances with PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition. Get the same functionality and benefits of Dell EMC on-premises data protection in the cloud and manage hybrid cloud environments from a single location. 

    • Dell EMC Data Protection – Paving the way on your cloud journey

      Data protection and backup and recovery operations lie at the heart of any organization’s IT infrastructure, and as such, are often among the first applications migrated to the cloud. Dell EMC helps customers on their cloud journey by providing fast, effective and resilient data protection applications for public, hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

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