Flex on Demand

    • Deploy base capacity now. Pay for buffer capacity as you use it.

      Today’s dynamic business environment drives the need for immediate access to available capacity, whenever it is required. Flex on Demand from Dell Financial Services (DFS) allows you to pay only for the technology you need – while providing access to ready buffer capacity – with payments that adjust up or down to match usage.**

    • How it works:

        We work with you to establish your projected baseline capacity requirements and the buffer capacity needed to cover peak use. All technology is pre-configured and available on day one.
        Each payment includes the fixed cost of your committed capacity plus the variable cost of buffer capacity, which is measured on a regular basis using automated tools installed with your equipment.
        If usage consistently consumes most of the installed capacity simply increase your capacity and all related payments will adjust commensurately.
        Ask about simplified pricing tables of our most popular solutions allowing you to budget and predict payments even when usage is variable. Custom pricing is also available.
    • Flex on Demand provides elastic capacity

      • Total deployed capacity is made up of Committed and Buffer Capacity
      • Payments change over time as buffer capacity is used
      • Drive lower costs with higher levels of Committed Capacity and longer usage periods
      • Access to Buffer Capacity is immediate and does not require a hardware deployment
      • As workloads increase, Committed Capacity can be adjusted up while keeping a lower usage rate
    • Key Features

      • Choose your total deployed capacity and minimum usage commitment.
      • Pay a single rate for all deployed capacity.
      • 12-month term provides flexibility with an option to extend the term if needed.
      • Scale up and down with extensive flexibility to accommodate a variety of elastic capacity scenarios.
      • At the end of the usage term, go month to month, extend the term, or return and refresh equipment.
      • Customize Flex on Demand to meet the unique balance of cost and flexibility required by your business.
    • Payment Solution Eligibility:

      • Product Availability - PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerScale storage solutions, PowerEdge Servers, Select HCI solutions, PowerOne CI solutions, and Integrated Data Protection Appliances.
      • Term length - 12- 60 months*
        *PowerEdge not available for 12-month term.
      • Commitment Thresholds - Storage: 40% to 80%; PowerEdge: 70% to 80% HCI: 60% to 80%: PowerOne: 60% to 80%.
      • Minimum Deal Size - Flex on Demand requires a minimum deal size. Consult your Dell Technologies or Dell Financial Services Account Manager for minimums in your region.

      Dell Financial Services

      • Dell Financial Services (DFS), part of the Dell Technologies family, is a global provider of innovative payment and consumption solutions.
      • DFS supports all customers, from small businesses up to the largest global corporations.
      • DFS can finance any hardware, software and services solutions, allowing customers to choose how they want to consume their technology.
      • We deliver end to end solutions across Dell Technologies, channel partners and distributors in more than 50 countries, financing over $9 billion annually.
    • Dell Technologies on Demand

      More choice, flexibility and assurance in how you consume IT infrastructure

      Dell Technologies On Demand offers a consumption-driven, as-a-service optimized business model ideally suited for the way on-premises infrastructure and expertise is consumed in the on-demand economy.

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