• Manage edge Cloud infrastructure with ease

    • With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), a growing number of technologies are generating large amounts of data at the edge of computing networks. To better manage this rapid data growth, enterprises are deploying edge Cloud technologies that decentralize processing away from Cloud data centers, allowing edge devices to process data instead. By eliminating the need to transfer vast amounts of data from edge devices to centralize data centers, edge Cloud computing is helping to reduce latency, improve reliability, increase bandwidth and reduce costs.

      Dell Technologies Cloud offers a suite of Cloud solutions that enable enterprises to operate and manage edge Cloud resources in their hybrid Cloud infrastructure. With Dell Technologies, IT teams can easily manage workloads across all public, private and edge Cloud infrastructure, relying on a common set of tools and infrastructure to simplify operations and maximize Cloud investments.


      Cloud Use Cases – Cloud Migration & Apps

      Dell Technologies Cloud can help modernize your data center, unify hybrid Cloud operations, build modern Cloud apps, and scale or migrate Cloud workloads.

    • The rise of edge Cloud technologies

    • Edge devices are growing in number and computing power. From mobile phones and laptops to connected cars, gaming systems and IoT devices, edge technologies are increasingly generating larger volumes of data and requiring more significant bandwidth. Attempting to manage this growth and data with traditional Cloud technology – where data is moved to and processed in centralized data centers – is becoming increasingly problematic. Challenges include:

      • Increasing latency. Sending data from edge devices to a data center and back significantly increases latency, which is unacceptable in use cases like self-driving cars where a millisecond delay in response can be dangerous.
      • Reliability issues. Enterprises may not be able to count on mission-critical or time-critical applications because of latency and bandwidth issues.
      • Rising costs. Moving massive amounts of data at high speed can quickly increase expenses.
      • Lack of bandwidth. There simply may not be enough bandwidth to handle the sheer volume of data generated by edge resources.
      • Increasing risks. The growing amount of data sent between edge devices and data center locations increases the attack surface.

      To manage data generated by edge devices more efficiently, many enterprises are turning to technology that decentralizes processing, shifting processing responsibilities to edge devices. With edge Cloud infrastructure, organizations have more latitude to decide where a specific workload is best processed.

      The challenge for IT teams is that as enterprises incorporate more Cloud services and technologies, the task of managing them can become incredibly complex. Each Cloud platform has its own management framework and processes. Without consistent tools, operations and infrastructure, managing multiple Cloud resources can easily add cost and complexity while limiting innovation.

      To successfully reap the benefits of edge Cloud technologies and other Cloud products, enterprises need solutions that can unify public, private and edge Cloud resources on a single hybrid platform. That’s where Dell Technologies can help.

    • A simpler path to hybrid and edge Cloud deployments

    • Dell Technologies Cloud is a suite of Cloud infrastructure solutions that utilizethe expertise ofDell Technologies. Built on a robust HCI platform with Cloud software for management and orchestration, Dell Technologies Cloud improves the hybrid Cloud computing experience with a consistent operating model for easier management across private Clouds, public Clouds and edge Cloud locations.

      Dell Technologies Cloud includes:
      • VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail, a turnkey platform, that provides software-defined services and Cloud management tools for running traditional or containerized apps in all Cloud environments. Dell Technologies’s hyperconverged infrastructure platform is highly scalable and can support the most demanding workloads and applications.
      • Validated Designs, a collection of best-of-breed Dell Technologies solutions delivered as pre-tested infrastructure with extensive deployment guidance. Validated Designs lets IT teams meet the varied demands of legacy applications and demanding workloads by building hybrid Cloud infrastructure with independent scaling of storage and compute.
      • Data Center as a Service (DCaaS), a fully managed subscription-based solution. This offering combines the speed and flexibility of public Cloud with the security and control of private Cloud infrastructure, providing robust on-premises IaaS capabilities at core data center and edge Cloud locations.
      • Support for all major Cloud partners, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, along with 4,200 additional Cloud providers.

    • What you can do with Dell Technologies Cloud

    • As a leading Cloud company, Dell Technologies provides solutions that enable enterprises to:

      • Simplify management of public, private and edge Cloud resources with a common set of tools and consistent infrastructure.
      • Streamline Cloud migration by providing familiar tools and models that reduce errors and create efficiencies for administrators as they move workloads to and between Cloud platforms.
      • Increase speed to market with the ability to access the right resources on the right Cloud at the right time.
      • Reduce costs with the ability to rely on flexible consumption and payment options across Clouds, minimizing expense and creating cost predictability.
      • Improve Cloud security with a single security framework that covers public, private and edge Clouds.

    • Additional Cloud solutions from Dell Technologies

    • Dell Technologies provides additional Cloud solutions for unlocking innovation and reducing complexity.

      • Cloud-enabled infrastructure enables enterprises to take a data-first approach to the Cloud with capabilities for storing and protecting workloads in the right Cloud with the right SLA. From establishing low-cost disaster recovery sites to protecting data with unique Cloud-based services, cloud-enabled infrastructure lets enterprises extract more value from their Cloud investments.
      • Data Protection for Cloud, hybrid Cloud and multi-cloud architecture helps enterprises transform their data centers for greater operational efficiency, scalability and resiliency throughout their entire Cloud infrastructure. Solutions include public Cloud protection, Cloud disaster recovery, long-term retention and hybrid Cloud integration.

    • FAQs: What is an edge Cloud?

    • What is an edge Cloud?
      An edge Cloud architecture shifts processing power from centralized data centers to clients or devices at the edge of the network. Rather than requiring edge devices to transmit raw data back to data centers for processing, an edge Cloud architecture keeps the responsibility for processing data within edge devices like cell phones, laptops, IoT devices, gaming equipment and self-driving cars. With an effective edge Cloud, millions of devices at the edge of the network can execute processing tasks that are typically only performed in very large data centers.

      What are the benefits of edge Cloud computing?
      By distributing processing tasks away from data centers to edge locations, edge Cloud computing enables more low-latency experiences on edge devices. This is particularly important for applications like self-driving cars, where a delay in processing data could be a life-threatening event. Edge Cloud computing also can help to reduce costs by minimizing the amount of data required to be transferred over long distances. And edge Cloud computing helps to reduce bandwidth requirements and improve the reliability of edge applications.


      Dell Technologies Cloud

      Simplify, streamline and automate Cloud operations with Dell Technologies Cloud -  the industry's fastest hybrid Cloud deployment.


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      Dell Technologies Cloud enables consistent Cloud management across all major public, private and hybrid Clouds with a single vendor experience.


      Dell Technologies Cloud Platform

      Dell Technologies Cloud Platforms (DTCP) powers the industry's fastest hybrid Cloud deployment, with full integration with VMware Cloud Foundation.