• Rack-Scale Flash

    • Rack-scale flash platform provides today’s and tomorrow’s data and performance intensive workloads with the high performance storage they need to maximize business agility and insights. Rack-scale flash combines the performance profile of direct attached flash with the advantages of shared enterprise storage, including operational efficiency, reliability, scalability and centralized management.

      Rack-scale flash is a new storage architecture that brings flash physically closer to the CPU for vastly improved performance – next generation IOPS, latency and throughput. In a rack-scale flash architecture, dense, shared flash storage is connected to client nodes via the highest performance data transport, providing a large, shared pool of high performance storage to multiple client servers.

    • Who uses rack-scale flash and why?

      Rack-scale flash is ideal for any organization that has a need for high performance storage and high availability. Specific use cases include workloads on high performance databases and data warehouses, big data and analytics applications on Hadoop, and analytics, predictive modeling application like SAS, and custom applications running on high performance file systems like GPFS.

      How rack-scale flash works?

      In a rack-scale flash, flash storage is brought closer to the CPU and connected utilizing lowest latency data transport. This architecture, combined with data path optimization, results in faster high-performance storage (unprecedented IOPS and latency) and greater bandwidth density (bandwidth per terabyte of storage) than traditional flash-based storage arrays.

      Benefits of rack-scale flash

      Rack-scale flash meets the high-performance storage demands of today’s and tomorrow’s data intensive, high performance applications.

      • Unlock business agility by enabling real time analysis of larger, more complex data sets through unprecedented IOPS, bandwidth and latency
      • Accelerate business innovation through new applications that can take advantage of higher performance capabilities
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