• Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) Cache

    • EMC fully automated storage tiering (FAST) cache is a storage performance optimization feature that provides immediate access to frequently accessed data. FAST cache complements FAST by automatically absorbing unpredicted spikes in application workloads. FAST cache results in a significant increase in performance for all read and write workloads.

    • Who chooses FAST cache, and why

      Any organization that uses FAST can benefit from FAST cache to enhance storage performance. FAST cache can be easily expanded as operational needs evolve. This incremental approach allows customers to start with only a small initial investment.

      How FAST cache works

      FAST cache uses enterprise Flash drives to extend existing cache capacities up to 2 terabytes. FAST cache monitors incoming I/O for access frequency and automatically copies frequently accessed data from the back-end drives into the cache. FAST cache is simply configured and easy to monitor.

      Benefits of FAST cache

      FAST cache accelerates performance to address unexpected workload spikes. FAST and FAST cache are a powerful combination, unmatched in the industry, that provides optimal performance at the lowest possible cost.