• Cloud Storage

    • A storage architecture where physical data can be stored in logical pools, which easily facilitate global access. Cloud storage may be delivered by a service provider or a hosting company, or on premise in a company’s own datacenter, or by a combination of both.

      Cloud storage is built on a virtualized infrastructure with accessible interfaces, elasticity and scalability. Cloud-based data is stored in logical pools across various commodity servers located on premises or in a data center managed by a third-party cloud provider.

    • Who uses cloud storage and why?

      Cloud storage is ideal for any organization that has a need for simple and scalable data storage. Enterprises use cloud storage for the following reasons:

      • Access documents anywhere: Data can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.
      • Reduce cost: An investment in cloud storage takes away a major in-house responsibility.
      • Protect against disaster: Cloud storage protects valuable data from loss.

      How cloud storage works?

      A cloud storage system has several data servers connected to the Internet. The clients (computer users subscribing cloud storage services) send file copies over the Internet to data servers, which then record the information. When the clients need to retrieve the information, they access the data servers through web-based interfaces. The servers will either send the files back to the clients or allow them to access and manipulate the files on the servers themselves.

      Benefits of cloud storage

      • Accessibility: Data can be accessed from anywhere via Internet connection.
      • Disaster Recovery: Cloud storage can be used as a back‐up plan by providing a second copy of data. The data is stored at a remote location and can be accessed through an internet connection.
      • Cost Savings: Cloud storage can save organizations’ operating costs and it does not require internal power to store information remotely.
      • Faster Time to Deployment: Cloud storage allows IT teams to deliver the amount of storage quickly when it's needed.
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