• Dell EMC Connectrix Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions

    • Connectrix Storage Networking for the Modern Data Center

      The Dell EMC Connectrix family of directors and switches moves your organization’s vital business information to where it’s needed quickly and securely, with the highest performance, the highest availability and unsurpassed reliability.

    • Learn how Connectrix enhances all flash storage environments.

    • Connectrix Directors and Switches

    • SAN directors – network directors

      Dell EMC Connectrix Directors

      Ideal for the largest mission-critical storage area network environments that require massive consolidation and nonstop operations. Connectrix products effectively allow physical and virtual servers to share storage resources securely.

      • Provides six 9s availability
      • Scales from 32 to 768 mission-critical ports
      • Supports up to 64Gb/s Fibre Channel
      • Supports Fibre Channel, FICON, FCiP, FCoE and NVMe over Fabrics
    • SAN switches – network switches

      Dell EMC Connectrix Switches

      Ideal for departmental or edge storage area networks (SANs) where you need highly available access to expanding network storage. Provides foundation for growth in smaller environments to deployment in large data centers.

      • High availability through redundant connections
      • Scales from 8 to 128 ports, with 1U and 2U models
      • Supports up to 64Gb/s Fibre Channel
      • Supports Fibre Channel, FICON, FCiP, FCoE and NVMe over Fabrics

    • Connectivity matters for all flash storage

      • All flash storage environments require a storage network that is deterministic and easy to manage with low latencies. Connectrix has always delivered low latency, deterministic behavior, scalability and reliability. As you modernize your data center, make sure your storage network can keep pace. Today’s storage networks deliver up to 64 Gigabit per second (Gb/s) Fibre Channel speeds and allow for seamless transition to Fibre Channel Non-Volatile Memory Express (FC-NVMe) workloads without any hardware upgrade in the SAN.

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        All-Flash Performance: Connectrix delivers low latency and deterministic behavior required for all-flash.

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        Automated SAN Management: Connectrix Management provides fabric and device management across the SAN.

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        NVMe over Fabrics: Connectrix platforms support NVMe over Fabrics (FC-NVMe).