• Dell EMC Storage Solutions for VMware

    • Realize the full potential of your VMware environments with powerful and flexible data storage platforms from the storage market leader.

      Organizations know the importance of data. Having your data available when needed is critical. Dell EMC storage is engineered to bring extreme performance and agility for your VMware environments.

    • Modernize All Your Data Driven VMware Applications

      • VCF Integration
      • Simplify storage with vVols
      • Automated data placement
      • Lower data footprint with global, always-on modern data reduction
      • Bring NVMe and Storage Class Memory to VMware
    • Bring modern storage to VMware workloads

    • In this new world of modern applications and containers, businesses rely on IT to rapidly deliver services in the datacenter, the cloud, or the edge. This requires an agile infrastructure that delivers a consistent operating model. Dell Technologies and VMware deliver on this requirement, allowing seamless transition from today’s classic application-oriented virtualized workloads to tomorrow’s distributed cloud-powered solutions all while ensuring data availability and protection.

    • VMware vSphere
      Dell EMC storage delivers deep integration with the base vSphere storage primitives. These integrations improve the performance of vSphere through offloading common storage creation operations to Dell EMC storage platforms.

      VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols)
      Dell EMC storage supports vVols through its VASA providers where the storage arrays advertise their capabilities to vSphere. This allows the offloading of VM level functionality to the array and improves both VM and storage performance and efficiency.

      VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)
      Dell EMC storage platforms support VCF deployments to deliver needed storage functionality in Virtual Infrastructure workload domains. Workload domains can take advantage of unique storage values such as modern data reduction techniques.

      vRealize Suite
      Dell EMC storage platforms utilize VMware vRealize Suite to manage and monitor VMware storage. With VMware technologies like vRO & vROPs together with Dell EMC VMware Plugins like VSI and ESI customers can monitor and manage their Dell EMC storage from within their VMware environments.

    • PowerStore

      Built with NVMe and Storage Class Memory, offering scale up and scale out architecture with AppsON to run VMware virtualized apps directly on the array, PowerStore introduces a new paradigm in enterprise storage.

    • PowerMax

      High-performance Dell EMC PowerMax storage is engineered to meet the most demanding VMware requirements. Dell EMC and Intel® have partnered to deliver the industry’s first storage array to offer Storage Class Memory (SCM) as persistent storage, a powerful, scalable performance architecture 

    • PowerFlex

      PowerFlex integrated systems create a flexible, open and heterogeneous foundation for meeting the demanding and evolving business needs of the modern data center. PowerFlex delivers extreme performance, resiliency and capacity on demand. 

    • Dell EMC Unity XT

      Flash arrays with compelling simplicity, all-inclusive software, blazing speed, and optimized efficiency meeting the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals in large or small companies.


      Storage Solutions for VMware resources