• The intelligence behind Dell EMC Isilon scale-out NAS solutions.

      Dell EMC storage solutions, powered by OneFS operating system, enable you to consolidate your data, drive new workloads and maximize the business value from your unstructured datasets.

    • Maximize the data capital and business value of your unstructured data.

      • Scales from 10s of terabytes to 10s of petabytes of capacity
      • Seamless integration of flash, hard disk and multi-cloud
      • Massively efficient including deduplication and compression
    • Drive demanding workloads and next-gen applications with OneFS

    • Dell EMC OneFS operating system provides enhanced performance with massive scalability to support the most demanding file-based workloads, while enabling you to reduce data center footprint and optimize storage resources. With Dell EMC storage solutions powered by OneFS, you can modernize your storage infrastructure to support your digital transformation.

    • Resources

      OneFS Operation System Resources

    Product Overview

      OneFS Operating System Data Sheet

      Dell EMC OneFS powered storage delivers maximum storage efficiency with data compression and deduplication capabilities.


      OneFS Simulator

      Try the Dell EMC OneFS simulator to learn how simple OneFS is to install, configure, and operate.


      OneFS Operating System White Paper

      Introduction to the OneFS operating system, the foundation of the Isilon scale-out storage platform.


      OneFS Technical Overview and Deep Dive

      OneFS delivers a powerful scale out NAS platform that is architected for simplicity even at petabyte scale.


      OneFS Delivers Maximum Storage Efficiency with In-Line Compression

      Inline data reduction features deliver maximum storage efficiency and optimizes storage efficiency of your unstructured data.

    Additional Reading

      SmartPools Data Tiering for Optimized Data Placement for Unstructured Data

      SmartPools software delivers automated data placement based on the business value of the data.


      High Availability and Data Protection with Dell EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS

      Dell EMC OneFS delivers enhanced protection and high availability of your unstructured data assets.


      Isilon Hybrid Storage Delivers Performance and Efficiency

      Dell EMC Isilon Hybrid Storage delivers the right blend of performance, capacity and efficiency for your unstructured data.


      Isilon All-Flash Storage

      Dell EMC Isilon All-Flash Storage delivers maximum performance to drive demanding workloads.


      Isilon Archive Scale-Out NAS Specification Sheet

      Dell EMC Isilon Archive Scale-Out storage provides an efficient, yet simple scale-out storage platform to store, manage and protect massive amounts of unstructured data.

    • Future-Proof Loyalty Program

      Guaranteed satisfaction and investment protection for future technology changes.

    • Dell EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS

      Store, manage and protect unstructured data with efficiency and massive scalability.

    • Dell EMC DataIQ

      Discover, understand and act on all unstructured data across your environment.


      Capture, store, protect and manage unstructured data at public cloud-like scale.