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    Get an edge on your digital future

    • Edge Capabilities will Drive your Organization into the Digital Future

      Unlock the full potential of data and fuel faster, more accurate decisions than your competition. With our solutions, you can become a digital organization powered by data -- ready for today and tomorrow.

    • We help you get an edge in four key ways


      Every industry is driving results using Edge and IoT solutions. See what's going on in yours.

    • Manufacturing

      Improve quality and yield by monitoring – and controlling – your production line in real time. You’ll spot problems before they become problems, while continually optimizing your process.


      How Data Analytics is Creating an Industry 4.0 for Manufacturers

      Discover how the emergence of 'smart factories' has helped realize the value of Edge and IoT, delivering benefits that include improved analytics, automated systems, automated repairs, predictive analytics, and more.


      Welcome to the Smart Factory

      As data drives the rise in industry, manufacturers are evolving to create data-driven smart factories that can optimize supply chains with strong cyber security that meets the changing needs of a growing, connected society.


      Optimize your Processes to Stay Ahead of Customers

      Edge and IoT solutions are helping factories optimize their processes, outlining how they can meet manufacturing challenges while acting as a complete end-to-end ecosystem.

    • Interactive Manufacturing Demo

      This highly interactable display will visualize Dell Technologies solutions with a fly-through of a manufacturing facility. See Dell Technologies solutions in the emerging areas of edge computing and the Internet of Things.


    • Retail

      Use in-store sensors to serve your customers better and build stronger customer relationships through timely offers, VIP-style perks and more.


      Powering Intelligent Customer Experiences with Edge and IoT

      The need for retailers to connect both the online and physical aspects of their businesses has never been more important. With the combination of edge computing, IoT, computer vision and data analytics, retailers can meet and exceed today's customer experience and demand.


      How Computer Vision Delivers Stand Out Customer Experiences

      Customers want their technology to seamlessly integrate online with brick and mortar. We demonstrate how the Edge enables valuable customer experiences as it delivers analytical and logistical improvements.


      The New Frontier for Retail

      Dell Technologies delivers Edge and IoT solutions that enable the creation of "intelligent stores" that lead to improved customer experiences, sophisticated loss prevention strategies and streamlined inventory management.

    • Digital Cities

      Smart buildings. Public utilities. Traffic management. Practically every facet of city life can be enhanced by edge and IoT technologies.


      Turning Cities into Digital Organizations to Prepare for the Future

      As we extract data insights that improve all aspects of our lives, new solutions are emerging that will help create safer, more secure, and responsive Digital Cities.


      Improving Public Safety in the Digital Age

      Explore the challenges and opportunities in creating a "safe city," by utilizing edge solutions and machine learning to reduce crime and integrate services to deliver quality of life to citizens.


      Defining the Digital Future of our Cities

      Cities have long been centers of connection and possibility. See how our Edge and IoT solutions can help transform them into hubs of innovation.


      Transforming Cities for the Future

      Digital cities leverage the power of data to enrich quality of life with evolving data-driven devices that can keep pace with continual technological advances.

    • Healthcare

      Connected healthcare needs intelligence at the edge. With connected healthcare technologies, smart hospitals, computer vision, Edge and IoT solutions, clinically valuable analysis is delivered in real-time to improve patient outcomes.


      A New Vision for Patient Care

      We can manage the role data plays in creating a connected healthcare system for medical workers. With our technology, we are helping hospitals become smarter, safer and more efficient.


      Evolving from Chronic Disease Management to Preventative Care

      Discover how collecting data from Edge and IoT devices and computer vision solutions are improving patient safety and disease management through continuous monitoring for deep insights into treating medical conditions.


      A New Vision for Healthcare and Life Sciences

      Discover Dell Technologies solutions that can help transform the healthcare industry, bringing better security and efficiency in an increasingly demanding environment.

    • Utilities

      Manage increasingly complex energy grids by performing analytics at the source of data collection, enabling real-time demand forecasting, affordable and reliable service delivery, enhanced security, customer satisfaction and more.

    • Modernize Utilities using Edge and IoT

      Modernize Utilities using Edge and IoT

      With the utilities industry facing a new era, Dell Technologies are helping to meet these challenges through harnessing Edge and IoT solutions that increase productvity and reduce costs while providing energy security.

    • Intelligence in Energy

      Intelligence in Energy

      As demand for renewables grows, intelligent edge solutions provide the opportunity to re-fuel the energy sector. Explore how the utilities industry is empowered through technology, and what Intelligence at the edge can offer.

    • Utilities at the Edge

      Utilities at the Edge

      Explore how utility providers can use Edge and IoT to turn enormous volumes of data into actionable intelligence. These solutions can provide an unprecedented level of granularity with the use of a unified infrastructure provided by Dell Technologies.

    • Transportation

      From road and rail to shipping, aviation and mass transit systems, intelligence at the Edge, Computer Vision and 5G are together driving transportation’s urban future.


    • Welcome to Smart Transportation

      Welcome to Smart Transportation

      Intelligence at the Edge with Computer Vision and 5G is driving transportation’s urban future from mass transit, vehicles, and ships to aircrafts.

    • The Edge is driving transportation’s future

      The Edge is driving transportation’s future

      As urban areas are getting busier, cities are evolving to create smarter transport solutions, growing together to meet the changing need of a connected society.

    • Optimize your ships and ports to stay ahead

      Optimize your ships and ports to stay ahead

      Edge and IoT are helping the Maritime industry modernize, transforming commercial shipping and helping the next wave of innovation.

    • Bring Value to the Maritime Industry from edge to Cloud, and ship to shore

      Bring Value to the Maritime Industry from edge to Cloud, and ship to shore

      Discover the full potential of Edge and IoT for maritime innovation, with the latest Design Solutions and expertise.

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      Educational Resources

      Learn more about Edge and IoT Solutions with dedicated blogs, podcasts and webinars written and produced by industry thought leaders and technology experts. 

    • Office of the CTO

      Our Dell Technologies CTOs have played a critical role in developing our Edge and IoT portfolio. You can follow their latest blogs, podcasts and more here.


      Technical Disruptions Emerging in 2020

      Read the latest blog from John Roese, CTO of Products and Operations, about how the emergent technologies that stand to make a dramatic impact on IT systems and industry thinking in 2020.


      Transforming Data Management with John Roese

      The tech environment cyclically changes from centralized to decentralized – but what is driving that change? Find out in this episode of The Next Horizon podcast with John Roese.


      How Edge Will Fuel The Digital Future

      Understand the importance of a data-first architecture, building a cloud-enabled mobile edge and untethering edge from cloud.

    • All Educational Resources

      Explore Edge and IoT insights further with blogs, podcasts and webinars from Dell Technologies. 

    Analyst Reports

    • Our Featured Edge and IoT Analyst Reports


      Forrester: IoT Deployment is Driving Analytics to the Edge

      Edge and IoT data can be a powerful source of insight. Learn how modern organizations stay competitive by moving analytics to the edge.



      IDC: Embedded Intelligence - Innovative Outcomes with Edge Cloud

      By 2023 edge devices will be creating three times more data than exists today. Find out how flexible edge intelligence systems are improving outcomes for organizations and customers.


      IDC: The Edge Cloud - Enabling an Intelligent Digital World

      Find out how an Edge Cloud can deliver and control distributed services as a service for your business, giving you the competitive edge on intelligence.


    • Our Featured Edge and IoT Blogs


      Find Your Edge

      We are expanding our portfolio of Edge solutions to tackle upcoming challenges and access the newest opportunities that the unbounded data at the edge has to offer.


      Edge is the New Core

      Read our blog and understand the need for telcos to create innovative and localized services at the edge, as well as how Dell Technologies can help them do it.


      To The Edge and Beyond: Resistance is Futile

      We take a look at how programmable fabrics are predicted to revolutionize the network space for quite some time, now that we're seeing several key drivers that point to this technology becoming a reality sooner rather than later.

    • External Resources

      Read more blogs about Dell Technologies Edge and IoT Solutions on business and technology news sites



      Making Our Cities Smarter and Safer with Digital Technologies

      Find out how smart cities are cultivating safer, healthier urban environments through intelligent use of edge computing, Internet of Things, computer vision and data analytics.



      Driving Business Opportunities at the Edge

      Read our latest blog on discovering how your business can harness the combination of IoT and edge computing to unlock the true potential of data.


      RT Insights

      Thoughts on Emerging Technologies, Edge, and IoT

      Read our blog exploring the role of emerging technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning and AI with Krish Iyer and Calvin Smith, both part of the global Office of the CTO team for Dell Technologies.


    • Our Featured Edge and IoT Podcasts


      Agriculture: Can Vertical and Urban Farming Feed the World?

      Listen to episode 2.13 of the Trailblazers podcast and discover IoT’s role in the future of agriculture and feeding growing global populations.


      Luminaries – Artificial Intelligence: Driving in the Streets

      In this episode of the Luminaries podcast, we discuss how artificial intelligence, machine learning and Internet of Things work together to build smart cities that reflect the needs of citizens.


      Perspectives – AI Has Eyes: ComputerVision

      In this episode of AI: Hype vs Reality, we explore how computer vision works, how it can be applied in schools, retail and the wild, as well as discussing related privacy concerns.

    • External Resources

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    • Our Featured Edge and IoT Webinars


      Modern Uses of Thermal Imaging and Computer Vision Technologies

      The next generation of safety and security solutions such as thermal imaging and computer vision are being used in novel ways in today’s world, and we believe this is only the beginning.


      Getting to grips with the changing dynamics of safety and security

      In this webinar you will learn about the critical need for scalability in safety and security systems, as well as how businesses can store, manage and protect increasing amounts of security data.


      Powering a Modern Platform for Utilities

      Watch this on-demand webinar and discover how Dell Technologies and SAP are partnering to help Utilities companies meet new sustainability goals, while maintaining reliability and controlling costs.

    • Customer Stories



      Real-Time And Worldwide Fine Tuning Of Manufacturing Processes



      Transforming from physical to digital for a better customer experience.


      Conserve It

      Improve quality and yield by monitoring – and controlling, if desired – your production line in real time.