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    • We can help you get the most out of your PaaS/CaaS investments

      Dell Technologies Consulting Services offer Cloud Application Modernization services to help you transfer your current application portfolio to a modern cloud environment. Partnering with your development and architecture teams, we address code, configuration, and architecture issues limiting the adoption of your PaaS/CaaS investments.

      • Establish and model cloud-first develop capabilities and processes
      • Introduce and integrate tools and automation
      • Assigned hands-on developer to accelerate cloud application migration and modernization

    • Key Benefits

      • Create consensus on modernization objectives, pathways, constraints, and proposed methods
      • Accelerated onboarding of applications to target platform
      • Establish governed process for modernizations
      • Publish a catalogue of reusable tools, frameworks, and learning modules for scale

    • What We Offer Purpose Benefits What You Get

      Cloud Application Modernization Advisory for PaaS/CaaS


      Download Cloud Application Modernization Advisory for PaaS/CaaS Service Overview 



      • Review existing applications and development practices

      • Technical analysis to determine steps needed to modernize applications

      • Improved application modernization by reviewing your application architecture, code and development practices

      • Clearly defined steps to move your applications to a PaaS/CaaS IT environment

      • A set of defined actions to move to a PaaS/CaaS IT environment including: backlog planning & prioritization, capacity planning and standard network access protocol analysis


      Cloud Application Modernization for PaaS/CaaS


      Download Cloud Application Modernization Advisory for PaaS/CaaS Service Overview 

      • Efficiently move applications to a cloud platform/container

      • Align application environment with organizational goals

      • Improved application modernization by pairing our experts with your application development team. Together they assess, plan, refactor, configure, test, deploy, and transition your existing application portfolio to a cloud platform/container

      • Assistance when making changes to functional code, configuration and the architecture in your IT environment 
      • Define and deploy, configure and customize applications that are to be modernized and migrated to PaaS/CaaS environments

      • Pairing our experts with your staff to expedite skill and knowledge transfer