Modernize your application infrastructure with containers and Kubernetes

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    • Cloud-native technologies are the new standard

      Modernizing applications is the key to transformation. Cloud-native technologies including microservices deployed in containers are the foundation for implementing new applications infrastructure. Most organizations are starting to explore this approach and many new applications will be developed and delivered with these technologies in the coming years.

      Dell Technologies provides integrated solutions featuring VMware Tanzu that enable organizations to evolve their existing virtualization approach to include cloud-native technologies today.

    • 78%

      of CIOs agree improving their portfolio of applications is a top priority1.

    • 90%

      of new enterprise applications will be delivered via cloud-native approaches by 20222.

    • 500M

      new applications will be built with cloud-native technologies by 20243.

  • Implement Tanzu on your terms

    Choose from a broad range of platform options that meet your architecture and consumption needs.

    Build your own


    Hybrid cloud


  • Modernize at the speed of business

    Streamline ongoing operations and optimize your modern apps operating plan.




  • Deliver container innovation anywhere

    Deploy your apps with seamless workload placement flexibility.






    vSphere with Tanzu delivers Kubernetes

    What is VMware Tanzu? VMware Tanzu is a full stack of capabilities for building and managing modern applications. It includes an enterprise-ready Kubernetes runtime along with simplified operations of clusters and apps across on premises, public cloud and edge. With VMware Tanzu, teams can make the most of containers and cloud native patterns to deliver software to production faster.

    Modern applications are more complex than traditional applications, as they are often made up of multiple VMs, containers, and services. vSphere with Tanzu helps address these challenges by enabling you to use your existing vSphere environment to deliver Kubernetes clusters at a rapid pace. Dell Technologies delivers integrated systems that enable you to implement Tanzu on your terms.



  • BYO (build your own), Turnkey, Hybrid cloud, As-a-service

    At Dell Technologies, we have the right infrastructure to speed up your adoption of cloud-native patterns and transform your applications approach

    Choose from a broad range of modern application infrastructure deployment options that meet your architecture and consumption needs from "build your own" with best-of-breed components to turnkey, pre-built standard configurations to a completely managed as-a-Service platform. Rapidly deploy a unified platform that supports both VMs and containers with a complete package of open source software components in a standardized configuration from a range of packaged solutions.

    BYO (build your own), Turnkey, Hybrid cloud, As-a-service

  • Customize your modern applications platform

    Build your own

    Customize your modern applications platform

    For organizations that want the most control of their modern apps platform design, Dell Technologies has the leading portfolio of best-of-breed components that support VMware Tanzu.

    With the industry-leading PowerEdge server line, our robust set of purpose-built storage and our complete line of open networking switches, every aspect of designing and delivering a modern applications platform is covered. This provides you with a platform with superior performance, the ability to scale storage and compute independently, the option to leverage existing investments or use validated designs to guide your deployment.

  • The fastest way to deploy Tanzu


    The fastest way to deploy Tanzu

    The VMware Tanzu on Dell EMC VxRail portfolio offers multiple infrastructure options that meet your business needs no matter where you are on your Kubernetes journey. Our curated VxRail systems come fully integrated and ready to deploy, helping accelerate adoption of Kubernetes infrastructure.

    With VMware Tanzu on VxRail customers can easily evolve their Kubernetes infrastructure. Our 30-day synchronous release commitment ensures lockstep support for the latest VMware vSphere Kubernetes advancements. Accelerate developer productivity through an automated seamless experience. VMware Tanzu on Dell EMC VxRail delivers Kubernetes your way.

    The fastest way to deploy Tanzu

  • Subscribe to workload instances in a few clicks


    Subscribe to workload instances in a few clicks

    Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP) delivers application-ready cloud infrastructure with pre-configured instance-based offerings supporting a wide range of enterprise workloads running on virtual machines or containers.

    In a few clicks, you can subscribe to instances designed for your workloads through the Dell Technologies Cloud Console — and get it deployed in your data center, co-location facility and edge locations in as few as 14 days5. With a simple way to size and order on-premises cloud resources, this enables you to focus on your applications instead of infrastructure procurement and upgrades.

    Add one of the Tanzu editions to develop, test and run both cloud native and traditional applications on a single platform.

  • Experience private cloud control with public cloud convenience


    Experience private cloud control with public cloud convenience

    VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is a fully managed as-a-Service offering from Dell Technologies and VMware. Specifically, it is cloud infrastructure installed on-premises in your core and edge data centers that is as easy to consume and utilize as a cloud service.

    It combines the speed and flexibility of public cloud with the security and control of on-premises infrastructure, providing simplicity, consistency and peace-of-mind that empowers your organization to deliver business innovation and differentiation. It is verified with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid for your as-a-Service modern apps platform.

    Experience private cloud control with public cloud convenience

    Rapid deployment for cloud-native apps

    Raytheon is a defense contractor that wanted to adopt Agile/DevOps practices to speed innovation and updates to software. See how they met aggressive timelines for rollout of a multi availability zone configuration to support modern apps development and deployment.



    Once you get your environment up and running, you can start to reap the benefits every day with streamlined ongoing operations

    Optimize your operating plan for modern apps by assuring you have the right skills and processes in place. Improve efficiency and security by automating patches and updates across the lifecycle. Optimize your mission-critical data management by protecting your operations, applications and data. Scale with changing needs and improve operational resilience. Enable DevOps with self-service provisioning, speed rollout of new services.




    Enable DevOps automation through automated workload provisioning

    Enable Developer self-service through delegated administrator privileges for Kubernetes cluster provisioning.

    Increase efficiency and compliance with automated, cluster-aware, non-disruptive lifecycle management for the hardware and software. Automate scale and configuration for rapid adding of nodes to the cluster.



    Get your organization ready with a solid operational readiness plan for the move to modern apps

    Identify good candidates in your application portfolio for Platform-as-a-Service and Containers-as-a-Service.

    Speed up the adoption of cloud-native application development processes. Our experienced consultants, interactive workshops and purpose-built tools accelerate your team’s realization of the agility and time-to-market advantages of VMware Tanzu.




    Maintain compliance while moving to Tanzu

    PowerProtect Data Manager protects both VMs and containers with a single enterprise-grade solution. It allows IT operators and backup administrators to manage Kubernetes data protection from a single management UI and allow Kubernetes administrators to define protection for their workloads through the K8s APIs and command line.

    In collaboration with the Velero open source community, Dell and VMware are committed to improving how organizations protect data applications and workloads in Kubernetes environments.


    Driving a Modern Applications Strategy: Four Ways to Accelerate Modern Applications Initiatives

    Capitalize on the next evolution in enterprise applications with Dell Technologies Cloud Platform.



    Reduce costs and react at the speed of business, reduce operational silos, improve security

    Achieve the ultimate IT agility – deploy your modern apps anywhere with seamless workload placement flexibility with consistent infrastructure and global policy governance with consistent operations across private, public and edge cloud locations.




    Deploy cloud services in your data center

    The Dell Technologies Cloud approach provides consistent infrastructure and consistent operations — a true hybrid cloud for both containers and VMs.

    Tanzu on-prem combined with Tanzu in the public cloud creates consistent infrastructure allowing the same VM or container to run unchanged regardless of location. Consistent operations with a single set of tools enables management tasks and policy governance across private, public and edge locations.



    Establish a consistent hybrid cloud

    Leverage the footprint of our partner cloud data centers to extend your modern apps infrastructure with a consistent set of services. Benefit from the industry's largest cloud platform hyperscale providers. Eliminate stranded capacity and unify operations for efficient, secure hybrid cloud flexibility.




    Distribute your modern apps footprint with total control

    Extend your cloud-native fabric to wherever you need to run your modern apps. Deploy, run and manage container and VM-based workloads with remote cluster support at the edge. Automate updates and patches to remote locations and even extend your cloud to the extreme edge with ruggedized nodes.


    Freedom to innovate in the cloud

    Dell Digital transformed its development infrastructure with VMware Tanzu cloud-native solutions and modernized applications by building them in modular microservices. Developers now have more time for innovation and can respond to business requests with more speed and flexibility.

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      Dell Digital with Tanzu Customer Profile

      Applies to select preconfigured solutions, contact your sales representative for details. Excludes orders over 1000 instances, hybrid storage, select vRealize (vRA, vRO) components, and some other features. Customer credit approval, site survey and configuration workbook must be completed before order is placed. Product availability, shipping, holidays and other factors may impact deployment time. Deployment includes delivery, standardized installation and hardware and software configuration. US, United Kingdom, France and Germany only.