• Security risk is business risk

    If your security strategy fails to keep pace with your enterprise, business risk increases. Redefining your world with Dell and transformational security makes it safer for you and your business. A transformational security strategy is built for resilience, adapts to a shifting environment and unifies security and risk.

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    Manage Emerging Risks & Protect Your Data

    Transforming your security strategy means your security teams can move from being reactive to advocates of the possible. Securing a modern enterprise comes with a new set of requirements. When all the pieces work together, they provide the real-time threat detection, business context and management needed to keep your most valuable assets safe and your business innovating. Take a look at the security essentials that can help you get there.

    Secure Modern Infrastructure

    Innovative uses of data are changing entire industries, from insurance to entertainment. To exploit these new opportunities, data must flow freely across workforces, ecosystems and economies. Yet the explosion of information, user preferences, connected devices and the realities of managing virtual and hybrid cloud environments has introduced new complexities. A Secure Modern Infrastructure includes everything you need to secure data across devices, identities, endpoints and storage in a virtual or hybrid environment.

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    Business Risk Management

    Governing bodies are driving more and more accountability for data protection and privacy by implementing sweeping regulations. For example, the new Executive Order for Cybersecurity in the US and the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU are changing how organisations manage data risk. By unifying your security and risk management strategies and creating interconnected visibility and context, you can better manage business risk.

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    Advanced Security Operations

    The number of data breaches doubles every 15 months, in part because cyber criminals are so well resourced and have more tools at their disposal than ever. Meanwhile, security teams struggle to explain and quantify the business implications of security incidents. To overcome these obstacles and mitigate threats, organisations need comprehensive visibility, business context and the ability to accelerate threat detection and response using analytics and automation.

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