Drive innovation and agility with flexible IT solutions

    Intel Innovation Built-in
    • Adapt and scale in real time across all your clouds. That’s multi-cloud productivity without limits.

      Securely access all your clouds with on-demand infrastructure solutions. Dell Technologies gives you more choice in how you consume and finance IT so you can deliver a consistent experience across your multi-cloud environment and optimize your IT infrastructure to your unique needs. 

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      Accelerate IT flexibility. Achieve unstoppable agility.

      This global ESG study shows how flexible IT accelerators cut infrastructure costs, are more likely to exceed customer satisfaction goals and see 44% fewer public cloud incidents.1

    • Choose a tailored IT consumption model to maximize agility

      Control costs and streamline workload placement with as-a-Service delivery models that enable you to acquire flexible IT from a broad portfolio of on-demand IT solutions, engineered for virtually any application, workload or use case.

    • APEX


      As-a-Service, at your service

      Radically simplify how your organization acquires and delivers end-to-end IT infrastructure services to accelerate your digital transformation.

    • Flexible payment and flexible IT consumption solutions


      Flexible payment solutions for the IT you need

      Whether your business is working under constrained budgets, limited cash flow or facing an uncertain business climate, our Payment Flexibility Program can help.



      Unlock your data’s power with flexible storage

      Provision capacity and performance only as needed. PowerScale is simple to install, manage and scale to virtually any size environment.



      Simple, efficient and agile data protection

      Keep up with relentless data growth, secure mission-critical apps and meet the needs of emerging workloads wherever they are located.

    • Streamline operations with a consistent multi-cloud experience

      Simplify and automate multi-cloud operations. Optimize scalability, security and performance on demand across your multi-cloud environments.


      APEX Cloud Services

      Flexible technology that adapts to your organization

      Our hybrid removes complexity from your cloud environments so you can manage them all as one.



      Intelligent infrastructure insights

      CloudIQ makes daily IT management tasks easier with 24x7 insights to help you optimize decision-making and save significant time and costs.

    • Dell Technologies Consulting Services ProConsult Advisory


      Consultants for strategic initiatives

      We help plan transformations that achieve measurable outcomes aligned to your corporate vision and strategy.

    • Optimize your infrastructure for your unique needs

      Align your IT environment with your objectives. Deploy, operate and scale all your workloads with on-demand IT infrastructure solutions that are tailored for each application or use case.



      Modular IT for your modern workloads

      Easily tailor, deploy and manage your flexible IT infrastructure while saving energy and lowering operating costs.

    • Dell EMC PowerStore Storage Appliance


      The future of storage is now

      The next evolution in modern storage delivers the intelligence, flexibility and speed to adapt to traditional and modern workloads without compromise.

    • Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Solution


      Protecting your organization starts with protecting your data

      Protect critical data from cyber attacks and ransomware, identify suspicious activity and perform data recovery with easy-to-deploy management and automation software.

    • Build an agile, ready-for-anything organization

      Visionary CIOs have the technology options, consistency and predictability to confidently move their organization forward.

    • Resources to enable multi-cloud flexibility and increase IT agility

    • Adopt a multi-cloud strategy for workload optimization

      Adopt a multi-cloud strategy for workload optimization

      Modernize your IT infrastructure for maximized business outcomes.

    • ESG: Top 4 benefits of adopting a multi-cloud architecture

      ESG: Top 4 benefits of adopting a multi-cloud architecture

      An ESG survey found that consistent infrastructure and operations across public, private and edge clouds add real business value.

    • Top 4 business outcomes of a modern apps approach

      Top 4 business outcomes of a modern apps approach

      An IDC study shows how a DevOps approach with a unified cloud infrastructure drives considerable business results.

    • 5 critical areas driving business outcomes in the modern app era

      5 critical areas driving business outcomes in the modern app era

      These DevOps practices boost customer satisfaction, cut time-to-market and make teams more productive.

    • Drive better customer experiences with a modern apps approach

      Drive better customer experiences with a modern apps approach

      AppDev and I&O teams are choosing performance metrics and measuring outcomes for great customer experiences.

    • Improve business outcomes through a modern apps approach

      Improve business outcomes through a modern apps approach

      Collaboration between AppDev and I&O leads to improved internal efficiencies and outcomes.