• Getting value from IoT means making things smarter.

    And smarter. And smarter.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is about more than connecting things. It requires Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, we believe AI and the IoT must be seen as a single, interdependent ecosystem spanning the Edge, Core and Cloud. With Dell Technologies, each of these stages can make the other one smarter, and do the same for your business.


    To the edge to the core to the Cloud and back.

    Harnessing the full potential of IoT requires adding intelligence to every stage. Smarter data gathering at the edge, smarter compute at the core and deeper learning at the cloud computing stage. All this intelligence adds up, gets sent back to the edge, drives up the IQ of IoT and can drive a whole, new level of organisational innovation.


    To the Edge

    From self-driving cars to self-monitoring jet engines to self-regulating factories, sensors at the edge need to generate and act on smarter data.

    Data at the edge is growing exponentially, making it nearly impossible to manage, understand or use. Dell Technologies helps you move more artificial intelligence closer to the edge where data is created. This lets you see what’s most important as well as when, and act when it matters most. You’ll gain split-second reaction speed, smarter IoT security, error correction and other capabilities. Data cleansing and normalising is smarter, too, so you can send the most relevant intelligence to the next IoT stage: the core.


    To the Core

    Smarter data reaches a smarter core where it gets even smarter. You get higher-value intelligence for your business.

    With Dell Technologies, the core is an important stage where even more intelligence is added to your data. Thousands of data streams are correlated and the most meaningful information is curated, all at lightning speed. You’ll be able to take advantage of real-time data analytics you can implement right away, as well as data refinement and optimisation. Next stop: the Cloud; where the magic of deep learning and brilliant, actionable knowledge is made real.


    To the Cloud

    Presenting eureka moments, epiphanies and business innovations that solve old problems and create new revenue streams.

    The cloud computing stage is where data intelligence and business insights are fully developed and merged. Powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning, vast pools of information are analysed and knowledge is created to meet both long- and short-term goals. From immediately practical decision making capabilities, to smarter, more strategic data-driven revenue growth.


    And Back

    With Dell IoT, making things smarter is an out-and-back process that never ends.

    Data can now carry even more intelligence as it travels from the edge to the core to the Cloud – and insights can do the same as they travel back. This is the Dell Technologies difference. Seven strategically aligned companies delivering end-to-end expertise at every stage; Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks, Virtustream and VMware, all focused on the same thing. Making things smarter.

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