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    • Purpose-built solutions for automotive and transportation

      Against the backdrop of changing customer preferences and expectations, Dell Technologies commissioned research and interviews across the automotive and transport industry, in partnership with Frost and Sullivan to discover how global business leaders are navigating the disruption that connected and autonomous fleets and services pose today and over the coming two decades.

  • Intelligent Connected Mobility

    Connected Mobility

    The New Mobility Industry Full Whitepaper

    Developing connected autonomous vehicles and services is the biggest challenge today’s suppliers, automakers and mobility providers will face in their lifetime.

    Connected Mobility

    The New Mobility Industry Short Report

    The disruption happening right now is a reaction to one powerful (and highly defended) prediction: that the world is moving toward autonomous transport.

    • Views from the industry experts

    • Mobility in the era of Zettabyte architectures

      Dell Technologies is the partner to store and process data for scale, connecting diverse systems together in orchestrated multi-cloud frameworks

    • Automotive data storage – Automotive Edge Computing solutions by Dell Technologies

      ADAS Development with Isilon

      Dell EMC automotive data solutions form the backbone of ADAS development workflows, offering the scalability, performance, and simplified management required to support continuous ADAS data ingest, high bandwidth parallel simulation, and in-place sensor data fusion for AI training sets.

    • Autonomous vehicle data storage, Automotive edge computing by Dell Technologies

      Dell EMC Storage Solutions for AI in ADAS/AD

      Dell EMC autonomous vehicle data storage offers the analytics performance and extreme concurrency at scale to feed the data hungry AI/ML/DL algorithms required for autonomous driving development. Quickly adopt end-to-end infrastructure to support AI projects and Leverage ADAS data for AI training sets.

    • Storage solutions trusted by Tier-1 automotive suppliers and OEMs worldwide

      We help automotive industry leaders around the world accelerate current workflows and lay the foundation to pursue new data-driven business opportunities with powerful storage solutions.

      • Automotive Data Storage & Edge Computing Solutions by Dell Technologies


        ADAS Development: Staying Competitive in the Changing Automotive Industry

        This webcast reviews the major challenges of ADAS development and validation infrastructure and, provides insights into overcoming those challenges to stay ahead in a highly competitive industry.

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